Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another great day !

Just got in from a really good cycle - 45 mins with avg speed of 20.5kph - slower than yesterday but cycled into more of a headwind than we had yesterday.

Food going well - found these John West tuna to go yesterday and had one as a snack this morning - very tasty and quite filling for 2.5 points.

Am off to warm up the casserole I made last night in the slow cooker, then two loads of washing to do before going to work tonight.

Have a great Thursday and Friday everyone - take care !

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday blues

I am not sure why I am feeling so down today – we had a really productive weekend with a Christmas dinner on Friday night, two really good cycles (one for 30 mins averaging 20.6kph and the other for 75mins averaging 17.8kph) plus we replaced the servery outside our kitchen window (although A has now decided that he used the wrong brackets and so we have to replace those next weekend – bugger !!!!) and met up with family and friends at Paradise Point for dinner last night.

My weight on the scales yesterday morning was looking like I was heading for a good loss tonight – unfortunately, a 3kg jump from yesterday morning to this morning will mean I will have to be extremely lucky to even show a loss tonight. To say I was annoyed would be a total understatement – until I was drying my hair and thinking back on what I had eaten over the week. While I am under points for the week when taking into account the exercise that I did – I have eaten in the region of 30-32 sugar points for the week – well how can I possibly expect to lose weight if I am going to eat like that – I can’t can I ?

So, with that in mind, I plan to limit my sugar points this week (I do understand that WW no longer actually counts sugar points – and that they say to eat in moderation – can anyone tell me exactly what is ‘in moderation’ ? ) Surely more than 2 sugar points a day isn’t considered excessive – but then 14 sugar points used to be enough to keep my sweet tooth happy – why did this week land up being such a blow out ? Because I didn’t actually monitor total sugar points – until I saw my weight this morning and went back and had a look at what I had done and remembered all the sugar that I had eaten. The worst was that we had had chips and dip at PP last night and I didn’t have any – a real sacrifice in my part. I suppose – the good side to that is that I would have been even more up if I had of had the chips and dip.

There is so much going on at the moment that I am trying to get my head around – I hate being unsettled and playing the waiting game – if I knew some things one way or the other I could make further decisions but waiting for answers just kills me. I know that there is nothing I can do to hurry it up but I am sooooooooo impatient – I just want to know and move on !

Will update after weigh-in – feel I am better off facing up to the scale and taking the hit and at least being able to start the week off on the right footing.

Updated and posted Tuesday 27th November : Lost 0.3 last night - not too bad when I considered all the extra sugar points I consumed. Have just got back from another really good cycle - 35 mins at an avg of 21.2kph - up 1kph from the last short quick cycle (as opposed to the longer slower cycle on Saturday morning).

Am off to finish a casserole for tomorrow night and then eat the lovely chicken kebabs and veg that we are having tonight - another good day under my belt - YAY Me !!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone and I'll be back posting in a couple of days time.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday morning

Just a quick post before I am out on my bicycle. A is helping his brother this morning so I got up, took K to work, came home and had breakfast and now I am going to put my iPod on and get on my bicycle.

Last night we went for a really good cycle - only 1/2 hr as we had to go to a work dinner for A - but, better than doing nothing before going out for a rather rich meal. I didn't have an entree and had barramundi for my main course. That would have been great except that it had a mornay sauce on with avo and prawns in it - all in all a lovely meal but way too high in points. I only had Diet Coke (no Coke Zero there) to drink and no dessert - well that is until we got home and found that my Mom had made a trial run of the chocolate mousse she wants to make for Christmas lunch. That really blew my points out of the water as I am sure that there was not one low fat / no fat ingredient in it. I didn't have more than a couple of teaspoons but probably still way to many points for the day hence the feeling of guilt and the real reason for me getting out there on my bicycle.

So, on that note, I will be off - definitely more beneficial for me to be on my bicycle rather than sitting on my butt at the computer reading and typing away !!! Food will be really good today and hopefully, with some hard work this weekend, my over indulgence of last night will be a distant memory when I go to weigh-in on Monday night.

Have a fantastic weekend and take care !

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A better day today

After being more than a little disappointed with my weight loss on Monday night, I decided that I really needed to pull finger if I wanted to see a decent loss at Christmas time.

All well and good except if I don't actually do anything about it but just think I should be doing something about it. My food intake has been good but my exercise has been non-existent. Last night I was going to go for a cycle when we got home from work - instead I got home and lay down (my infamous headache was lurking again) - got up and made dinner - mince, mash and veggies and then went back to lie down again. Any excuse not to exercise.

I got home from work today (having debated back and forth in my head on whether to cycle or not) - checked some mail and then A said - lets go for a walk. I said - no lets cycle and that was it - we got changed and were out.

Had to put air in the tyres as they were a little flat (even though we cycled on Saturday like that !!) and then hit the road - 11.1kms at 20.6kph - not to be sneezed at given it was our first half serious cycle in forever. I'm so glad I did it - I feel so much better now - even ready to tackle work at 9pm !!!!

Have a great week everyone and take care !

Monday, November 19, 2007

A small loss

Weigh in tonight wasn't as successful as I would have liked - 0.4kg since last Wednesday. This was a little disappointing seeing as I was 1kg down on my electronic scale at home. This means 2.5kg in two weeks which isn't to be sneezed at I know but I still feel it could have been better.

A and I did go for a cycle on Saturday evening and are making more of an effort to do something in the evenings this week - except for tonight as it is my folks 47th anniversary so we went to the local bowling club for dinner as A, myself and my Dad are working tonight and so couldn't go anywhere where there wasn't going to be quick service and good food.

Yesterday we spent most of the day moving two of the four water tanks as they were pushing the wall over once they were full of water. So we had to replumb them in their new homes and we put in a first flush as well - hopefully that it is the last time we have to do anything with those two tanks. Next we have to move the other two tanks to their proper home and get them all plumbed in - hopefully we only have to do them once.

Not much else happening here - busy as always. Last night I signed my life away with forms for K's new school - who would have thought you would have to fill in so many forms for one person to go to school !!! The down side is this is costing us a lot of money - more than we were expecting to have to pay. Not that we begrudge paying the money - just that we weren't expecting it to be this much. Never mind - I guess it is a small price to pay for the recognition which she has received for her ability.

Am off to work but will try to post again later in the week - take care everyone and look after yourselves.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time to face the music (or should that be scale ?)

I’m off for my first weigh in since getting back on track and facing the scale last Monday night. I couldn’t make the meeting on Monday night this week due to a meeting which came up unexpectedly but I will be off there tonight to see how I have done. My scales are showing a downward movement (which is always good to see) but, as you know, when you go to the meetings, it is really only what their scales say that counts. None the less, I am happy with how I have gone this week except for one not very major hiccup last night but, I am over that and back on track from this morning.

Other than that there really isn’t much else to say. I was going to go for a walk last night when I got home from work but both Al and I were delayed in leaving work and by the time I got home it was after 6pm and my headache had come back a vengeance despite a visit to the physio in the morning. I am back off to see him on Friday morning as he is going away next week so hopefully that will do the trick to clear this headache once and for all.

After reading Suzy’s post on looking through magazines for new recipes, I have realised that I really need to get motivated to find some interesting dishes to make instead of the same old same old which I have been making. I am sure that is partly responsible for my lack of interest in cooking and has lead me to, on more than one occasion, have a WW frozen meal just because I can’t be bothered to cook and Al and K have had take-aways. Thursday is always a bad night for me because K is at work until 7.30 and I land up mooching around doing chores etc at home before going to fetch her – not sure why I can’t get my act together on this night but it never seems to happen.

On that note, I am going to pop over to Coles to see if I can find anything interesting to cook for dinner tonight – alternatively, I will have a dull and boring meal tonight and maybe find some inspiration in some magazines or the internet which I can cook another night.

TFTD : Laugh and learn, because we all make mistakes.

TIAGF : My headache which, while not completely gone, is improving.

Edit : Just got home from weigh-in - lost 2.1kgs (now back to being a 70's girl again) - YAY !!!!!! I suppose it is to be expected, to a certain extent, given it is my first week (10 days) back - but very happy with that start !

Saturday, November 10, 2007

4 days down

Well 4 days back on WW and I am doing really well. Actually, I guess that depends on your idea of ‘really well’ – I have had a headache since Thursday last week and haven’t been able to get rid of it despite a visit to the dr and two days (and nights) off work. I suppose I probably could have blamed it this week on the lack of junk food – but am sure that isn’t really a reason.

I have been doing really well – even though I have spent two days at home, I managed to resist raiding the pantry when I was awake. On two occasions I went as far as taking the biscuits and lollies out and put them onto a plate before realising that my desire to lose weight out-weighed my desire to eat the junk and I put them back into the packet. I know that there are those who subscribe to the “No junk food in the house” theory and, while I love the idea, I do feel it is unfair for me to enforce that in a home where one of me is trying to lose weight and two people are happy with how they look and they can have a few lollies or biscuits and stop !! It isn’t their fault that I can’t have a couple and stop. I know that there will be times when it will be difficult for me to say NO but I will cross that bridge when I come to it – nobody said that this journey was going to be easy and past experiences tell me that sometimes I will succumb BUT that won’t be the end of the world – it will just mean I need to get back on track and carry on.

Tonight we are off to Kaitlin’s sports dinner – she is getting a couple of sporting award and we are very proud of her. There are times when she annoys the absolute hell out of me but on the whole she is a good kid and she has accomplished amazing things. Next year will be a big challenge for all of us and I am glad that she has set up an alternative plan in case it doesn’t work out. While she has always been a high achiever – their thoughts are that an 85-90% mark in a test / assignment is considered average !!!!

My exercise this week has been non-existent but given how I have been feeling, I am not worried. I know that I will get into the exercise groove when I am able but for now at least I am making some effort towards losing those excess kilos. I won’t be able to make the weigh-in on Monday night as I have a meeting at the new school but will be going to the Wednesday evening class so that I can see how I am doing. Hopefully by then I will have been able to go on a couple of walks after work and maybe even a cycle on the weekend – all provided I can get rid of this headache. I have another appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning and hopefully he will be able to suggest something else if it is still hanging around in the morning.

I do have a morning tea at Muffin Break tomorrow morning for my Aunt’s birthday but I have factored that into my points so it will all be fine. I am not sure what is on the menu at the sports dinner tonight but have some saved points up my sleeve so will just have to see what they serve. I am sure that if I don’t have dessert, I should be within my points and OK. I will have to make sure that I don’t have any of the nibblies on the table because the trouble with those is once I start it is so hard to stop and I think it is easier if I just don’t start in the first place.

TFTD : If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

TIAGF : It being Friday

Edit : Had a great time last night. K was awarded full colours for softball and also voted Most Promising softball player of 2007. Food wasn't bad - I didn't over eat dinner and had no dessert but I did have 2 Fantales which were strewn around the table !!! All in all a good (but very long) evening !

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally, I've taken the step

and gone back to WW. I have been trying to get there for the past two weeks but due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven’t made it across their threshold.

I made it this week despite Al saying I should leave it until I feel better. I have had this headache since last Thursday and have not been able to shake it off and it made him think that I should wait until I was fully recovered before going to WW. The problem with that is that there is always going to be a reason for why I should wait until next week – another dinner, another Christmas function, another birthday, another anniversary or even worse, waiting until my head is in the right space and then before I know it, it will be January 2008 and I will be at least another couple of kilos heavier. So, while I won’t be able to lose all I would like to before Christmas, at least I know I have to face the scales each week and that does help to keep my on track and there is the chance that I could actually be a couple of kilos lighter by Christmas.

I was very sad to open my WW book and see just how far I have let things get out of hand – the last time I weighed in I was nearly 5kgs below my goal weight – now I have 13.3 kilos to lose just to get BACK to goal. There are so many things I could blame but the bottom line is blaming anyone but myself is just rubbish – nobody force fed me the junk I chose to eat. Nobody sat there with a gun to my head saying “Eat this or I will kill you (or your child or husband)”. And, to be honest, blaming myself will get me exactly nowhere. What is in the past, is in the past. I can look back and say “Geez I made some crap decisions at times when it came to my food choices” and move on (as always) looking to the future and to what I am able to accomplish.

Once again I have let my weight get the better of me and even worse I have let it stop me from doing things I wanted to do but wouldn’t because I was too embarrassed about how I looked. I won’t say that it won’t happen again because I guess until I get these excess kilos off I will still be embarrassed about how I look, the positive thing is that I am doing something about it rather than bemoaning the fact that I am over-weight and hate how I look. I realise that not being able to fit into my clothes comfortably is my own fault but now I can look forward to being able to see this body shrinking and, in the future, not being able to wear these same horrible clothes because they will be too big for me and not because I am too big for them.

I know that I will get to goal again – maybe not in the time frame I would like (because I am always too impatient and it never comes off quick enough for me) but I will get there because I have made the commitment to go back to WW and that is the only way that I get to goal – sad as that may seem to some, having to face that scale each week is something that is a powerful motivator for me and I try to hold the picture of the scale in my head when I have decisions to make about food – sometimes I am successful and sometimes not quite as successful but I will be heading in the right direction – downwards on the scales.

So, for those of you who have been with me on this journey before, thank you for your support and your friendship and for any new readers who would like to join me on my journey to goal – welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride !

TFTD : When you cease to dream, you cease to live

TIAGF : The wonderful rain we have been getting