Monday, November 19, 2007

A small loss

Weigh in tonight wasn't as successful as I would have liked - 0.4kg since last Wednesday. This was a little disappointing seeing as I was 1kg down on my electronic scale at home. This means 2.5kg in two weeks which isn't to be sneezed at I know but I still feel it could have been better.

A and I did go for a cycle on Saturday evening and are making more of an effort to do something in the evenings this week - except for tonight as it is my folks 47th anniversary so we went to the local bowling club for dinner as A, myself and my Dad are working tonight and so couldn't go anywhere where there wasn't going to be quick service and good food.

Yesterday we spent most of the day moving two of the four water tanks as they were pushing the wall over once they were full of water. So we had to replumb them in their new homes and we put in a first flush as well - hopefully that it is the last time we have to do anything with those two tanks. Next we have to move the other two tanks to their proper home and get them all plumbed in - hopefully we only have to do them once.

Not much else happening here - busy as always. Last night I signed my life away with forms for K's new school - who would have thought you would have to fill in so many forms for one person to go to school !!! The down side is this is costing us a lot of money - more than we were expecting to have to pay. Not that we begrudge paying the money - just that we weren't expecting it to be this much. Never mind - I guess it is a small price to pay for the recognition which she has received for her ability.

Am off to work but will try to post again later in the week - take care everyone and look after yourselves.


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