Saturday, November 10, 2007

4 days down

Well 4 days back on WW and I am doing really well. Actually, I guess that depends on your idea of ‘really well’ – I have had a headache since Thursday last week and haven’t been able to get rid of it despite a visit to the dr and two days (and nights) off work. I suppose I probably could have blamed it this week on the lack of junk food – but am sure that isn’t really a reason.

I have been doing really well – even though I have spent two days at home, I managed to resist raiding the pantry when I was awake. On two occasions I went as far as taking the biscuits and lollies out and put them onto a plate before realising that my desire to lose weight out-weighed my desire to eat the junk and I put them back into the packet. I know that there are those who subscribe to the “No junk food in the house” theory and, while I love the idea, I do feel it is unfair for me to enforce that in a home where one of me is trying to lose weight and two people are happy with how they look and they can have a few lollies or biscuits and stop !! It isn’t their fault that I can’t have a couple and stop. I know that there will be times when it will be difficult for me to say NO but I will cross that bridge when I come to it – nobody said that this journey was going to be easy and past experiences tell me that sometimes I will succumb BUT that won’t be the end of the world – it will just mean I need to get back on track and carry on.

Tonight we are off to Kaitlin’s sports dinner – she is getting a couple of sporting award and we are very proud of her. There are times when she annoys the absolute hell out of me but on the whole she is a good kid and she has accomplished amazing things. Next year will be a big challenge for all of us and I am glad that she has set up an alternative plan in case it doesn’t work out. While she has always been a high achiever – their thoughts are that an 85-90% mark in a test / assignment is considered average !!!!

My exercise this week has been non-existent but given how I have been feeling, I am not worried. I know that I will get into the exercise groove when I am able but for now at least I am making some effort towards losing those excess kilos. I won’t be able to make the weigh-in on Monday night as I have a meeting at the new school but will be going to the Wednesday evening class so that I can see how I am doing. Hopefully by then I will have been able to go on a couple of walks after work and maybe even a cycle on the weekend – all provided I can get rid of this headache. I have another appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning and hopefully he will be able to suggest something else if it is still hanging around in the morning.

I do have a morning tea at Muffin Break tomorrow morning for my Aunt’s birthday but I have factored that into my points so it will all be fine. I am not sure what is on the menu at the sports dinner tonight but have some saved points up my sleeve so will just have to see what they serve. I am sure that if I don’t have dessert, I should be within my points and OK. I will have to make sure that I don’t have any of the nibblies on the table because the trouble with those is once I start it is so hard to stop and I think it is easier if I just don’t start in the first place.

TFTD : If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

TIAGF : It being Friday

Edit : Had a great time last night. K was awarded full colours for softball and also voted Most Promising softball player of 2007. Food wasn't bad - I didn't over eat dinner and had no dessert but I did have 2 Fantales which were strewn around the table !!! All in all a good (but very long) evening !


Blogger Kt said...

well done linda, im about to embark going back on points too!

10:42 AM  
Blogger B said...

You put your food on a plate? I NEVER do that, I eat straight from the cupboard/fridge - i'm a shocker aren't I?
Thanks for your email. I'm back home now, thankfully and it's all over.
Fingers crossed that everything returns to normal now and I can manage to plan a routine, at least until christmas comes.

5:46 PM  

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