Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time to face the music (or should that be scale ?)

I’m off for my first weigh in since getting back on track and facing the scale last Monday night. I couldn’t make the meeting on Monday night this week due to a meeting which came up unexpectedly but I will be off there tonight to see how I have done. My scales are showing a downward movement (which is always good to see) but, as you know, when you go to the meetings, it is really only what their scales say that counts. None the less, I am happy with how I have gone this week except for one not very major hiccup last night but, I am over that and back on track from this morning.

Other than that there really isn’t much else to say. I was going to go for a walk last night when I got home from work but both Al and I were delayed in leaving work and by the time I got home it was after 6pm and my headache had come back a vengeance despite a visit to the physio in the morning. I am back off to see him on Friday morning as he is going away next week so hopefully that will do the trick to clear this headache once and for all.

After reading Suzy’s post on looking through magazines for new recipes, I have realised that I really need to get motivated to find some interesting dishes to make instead of the same old same old which I have been making. I am sure that is partly responsible for my lack of interest in cooking and has lead me to, on more than one occasion, have a WW frozen meal just because I can’t be bothered to cook and Al and K have had take-aways. Thursday is always a bad night for me because K is at work until 7.30 and I land up mooching around doing chores etc at home before going to fetch her – not sure why I can’t get my act together on this night but it never seems to happen.

On that note, I am going to pop over to Coles to see if I can find anything interesting to cook for dinner tonight – alternatively, I will have a dull and boring meal tonight and maybe find some inspiration in some magazines or the internet which I can cook another night.

TFTD : Laugh and learn, because we all make mistakes.

TIAGF : My headache which, while not completely gone, is improving.

Edit : Just got home from weigh-in - lost 2.1kgs (now back to being a 70's girl again) - YAY !!!!!! I suppose it is to be expected, to a certain extent, given it is my first week (10 days) back - but very happy with that start !


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yay congrats on the loss, thats awesome :)

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