Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday morning

Just a quick post before I am out on my bicycle. A is helping his brother this morning so I got up, took K to work, came home and had breakfast and now I am going to put my iPod on and get on my bicycle.

Last night we went for a really good cycle - only 1/2 hr as we had to go to a work dinner for A - but, better than doing nothing before going out for a rather rich meal. I didn't have an entree and had barramundi for my main course. That would have been great except that it had a mornay sauce on with avo and prawns in it - all in all a lovely meal but way too high in points. I only had Diet Coke (no Coke Zero there) to drink and no dessert - well that is until we got home and found that my Mom had made a trial run of the chocolate mousse she wants to make for Christmas lunch. That really blew my points out of the water as I am sure that there was not one low fat / no fat ingredient in it. I didn't have more than a couple of teaspoons but probably still way to many points for the day hence the feeling of guilt and the real reason for me getting out there on my bicycle.

So, on that note, I will be off - definitely more beneficial for me to be on my bicycle rather than sitting on my butt at the computer reading and typing away !!! Food will be really good today and hopefully, with some hard work this weekend, my over indulgence of last night will be a distant memory when I go to weigh-in on Monday night.

Have a fantastic weekend and take care !


Blogger Suzy said...

Well done on your cycling. Good luck tomorrow night for weigh in.xx

8:51 PM  

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