Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An update

To be honest I don't even know where to begin. It has been so long since I have posted, tracked, watched what I am eating - I haven't even stepped on the scales and for those who know what a 'scale whore' I am, you know that this means only one thing - I am out of control.

I can live with it right now. Work is like a mad house - I have made plans to have breakfast sorted out at work from next month - bought a bowl and spoon so I can have jungle oats at work - when I am working 12-13 hr days and leaving home at 5.30am - I can't bear the thought of having to eat before I leave so what would happen is I would then go to the staff kiosk at about 9am and buy something to eat. Then because I left too early to make lunch, I would have to buy lunch. And then by 3pm I was feeling totally frazzled so I would have to visit the snack machine. Then by 5pm when I knew I wouldn't be getting home until 7pm, I would visit the snack machine again - needless to say the money drained out of my purse faster than the bath water down a plug hole !!! So I have to make another plan for this month end - I have to be more organised and I have to be prepared - I can do this !!!!

I also completed a metabloic typing questionaire today so will wait to see what the results of that are - hopefully this will be able to help with making me feel better and help me to lose this weight that I just seem to be lugging around with me all the time.

We are off to Sydney next weekend for a friend's 40th birthday. Al and I fly down on Friday morning and we are spending the day at Taronga Zoo and then K will fly down early evening and we will pick her up and then spend the weekend there before flying back on Sunday night - I just hope the weather is kind to us poor people from sunny South East Queensland !!!

Take care everyone and be good !