Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday blues

I am not sure why I am feeling so down today – we had a really productive weekend with a Christmas dinner on Friday night, two really good cycles (one for 30 mins averaging 20.6kph and the other for 75mins averaging 17.8kph) plus we replaced the servery outside our kitchen window (although A has now decided that he used the wrong brackets and so we have to replace those next weekend – bugger !!!!) and met up with family and friends at Paradise Point for dinner last night.

My weight on the scales yesterday morning was looking like I was heading for a good loss tonight – unfortunately, a 3kg jump from yesterday morning to this morning will mean I will have to be extremely lucky to even show a loss tonight. To say I was annoyed would be a total understatement – until I was drying my hair and thinking back on what I had eaten over the week. While I am under points for the week when taking into account the exercise that I did – I have eaten in the region of 30-32 sugar points for the week – well how can I possibly expect to lose weight if I am going to eat like that – I can’t can I ?

So, with that in mind, I plan to limit my sugar points this week (I do understand that WW no longer actually counts sugar points – and that they say to eat in moderation – can anyone tell me exactly what is ‘in moderation’ ? ) Surely more than 2 sugar points a day isn’t considered excessive – but then 14 sugar points used to be enough to keep my sweet tooth happy – why did this week land up being such a blow out ? Because I didn’t actually monitor total sugar points – until I saw my weight this morning and went back and had a look at what I had done and remembered all the sugar that I had eaten. The worst was that we had had chips and dip at PP last night and I didn’t have any – a real sacrifice in my part. I suppose – the good side to that is that I would have been even more up if I had of had the chips and dip.

There is so much going on at the moment that I am trying to get my head around – I hate being unsettled and playing the waiting game – if I knew some things one way or the other I could make further decisions but waiting for answers just kills me. I know that there is nothing I can do to hurry it up but I am sooooooooo impatient – I just want to know and move on !

Will update after weigh-in – feel I am better off facing up to the scale and taking the hit and at least being able to start the week off on the right footing.

Updated and posted Tuesday 27th November : Lost 0.3 last night - not too bad when I considered all the extra sugar points I consumed. Have just got back from another really good cycle - 35 mins at an avg of 21.2kph - up 1kph from the last short quick cycle (as opposed to the longer slower cycle on Saturday morning).

Am off to finish a casserole for tomorrow night and then eat the lovely chicken kebabs and veg that we are having tonight - another good day under my belt - YAY Me !!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone and I'll be back posting in a couple of days time.


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