Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A better day today

After being more than a little disappointed with my weight loss on Monday night, I decided that I really needed to pull finger if I wanted to see a decent loss at Christmas time.

All well and good except if I don't actually do anything about it but just think I should be doing something about it. My food intake has been good but my exercise has been non-existent. Last night I was going to go for a cycle when we got home from work - instead I got home and lay down (my infamous headache was lurking again) - got up and made dinner - mince, mash and veggies and then went back to lie down again. Any excuse not to exercise.

I got home from work today (having debated back and forth in my head on whether to cycle or not) - checked some mail and then A said - lets go for a walk. I said - no lets cycle and that was it - we got changed and were out.

Had to put air in the tyres as they were a little flat (even though we cycled on Saturday like that !!) and then hit the road - 11.1kms at 20.6kph - not to be sneezed at given it was our first half serious cycle in forever. I'm so glad I did it - I feel so much better now - even ready to tackle work at 9pm !!!!

Have a great week everyone and take care !


Blogger B said...

Wish I could lose 2.5 in two weeks, think i've put that ON. It's all relative isn't it and we're never happy. I think you're doing great work. Keep it up.

7:48 PM  
Blogger B said...

Strange - I don't remember reading this post last night, but i've commented on it???? Anyhoo, well done with getting some exercise in, I keep thinking about it, but not getting around to it, and my eating has been terrible lately. Bah. I need a kick up the bum! Keep up the good work, it's good that you're feeling better.

6:37 AM  

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