Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good-bye and good luck

Where to start – I don’t know when last I posted and I can’t even check as blogspot sites have been blocked by the company. So, while I wait for Kaitlin to finish her baby-sitting module for tonight I thought I would try to get a post going that I could load sometime when I am at home and the PC is actually working. The lack of a working computer at home is giving me grey hairs – I really feel quite cut off from my blogging friends.

I am glad that I made the decision not to blog from my new job (made easier by the fact that I can’t access any blogspot journals) because even if I could access them, I wouldn’t have had a chance. It has been go go go since I started here a month ago and I am battling to catch my breath during the day never mind anything else. It is certainly a HUGE learning curve for me – there are some issues I am responsible for that I haven’t looked at since I studied them about 15 years ago and I am getting quite a few headaches trying to work out how they do things and what I need to do. The lady before me was a great believer in the ‘paperless’ office and so there is no paper trail to try to follow for anything. But, I knew it was going to be a challenge and I need to remember to cut myself some slack in this regard.

I had a great time in Sydney – worked my time in to get the afternoon off for the CHEAP flight I had booked before I started this job. Arrived safe and sound and was met by the lovely M. We got to her home and had a quiet evening chatting in between blowing up I can’t remember how many balloons for the party on Saturday. M’s in-laws arrived to spend the weekend as well. I took myself off on Saturday morning (the thought of 16 children under the age of 5 did not really appeal and while D and O are lovely children – I don’t’ know if I could have handled many more at one time !) and spent a wonderful day with Mary and Daniel who very kindly met and entertained me. We went to the Paddington and Glebe markets and had a great time wandering around browsing through the stalls. We made some great purchases and found that we have quite similar tastes in jewellery (which I found rather strange given how different we are). I saw some lovely earrings which I was very tempted to buy but in the end didn’t because I thought that they were a little too dainty for me. I managed to get into and out of town on the train without getting myself lost so that was good. In the afternoon I timed my entry back home very well and got there just as the cleaning up was nearly finished – I did get to wash some dishes so didn’t feel too awful about not being there the rest of the day !

After a bit of a sit down it was time to get ready to go to Circular Quay for the bloggers dinner. Mary really did a great job organising the evening.

3 days later ……
I can finally get back to finishing this post and hopefully getting it onto blogspot.

Thank you Mary for the fantastic effort you put into organising the dinner – the setting was great and the people were wonderful. It was so good to finally meet some people whom I feel I have been friends with for ages and also to get to meet people I had only recently ‘met’ on the internet.

Due to a lot of factors in my life at the moment, this post (as the title says) is also to say good-bye – not forever but just until things have slowed down a little and I am back on track. I feel dreadful about not being able to catch up on blogs and I am not patient enough to sit at home for hours on end waiting for our nearly dead computer to load sites and allow me to (or maybe not !) comment.

I would like to wish you all the very best as you continue along your journey –whether it be weight-loss, motherhood, career or just being yourself. Remember to be good to yourself and to love yourself – because you are all worth it. Thank you for the support you have given me over the past 18 months – I know that I wouldn’t have got to goal without it. I am only an e-mail away if anyone wants to chat or wants some advice and I am more than happy to help you if at all possible.

Take care and be good !

3 days later ......
Finally, I have managed to get the PC up and running to allow me to post this entry !!!