Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It definitely wasn't the best Origin game I have seen - not played with the same intensity that Origin is normally played at but WE WON ! When we got to work last night it was just on half time and we had just gone down 18-6 going into the break - I made sure I didn't ask anyone if they knew the score during the night as we were going home to watch the second half.
We left work at about 1.30 due to some issues which had arisen during the night. A asked me if I was going to watch and I was in two minds about how tired I was so I pulled the doona into the lounge room, flopped on the bean bag and said "If I see it I see it and if I fall asleep wake me up when you go to bed". I think I may have dozed once or twice but I did see most of the second half. I was really pleased that they won - wouldn't it be great if they could finally pull off a win at Telstra Stadium and make Game 3 a dead rubber - keep your fingers crossed !!!!
Last night I watched The Secret instead of exercising. When I was at yoga on Monday night, we were talking about it. I wanted to buy the DVD but apparently you can only buy it over the net - it's not available in any stores and my yoga instructor had a copy which she very kindly lent me. I haven't finished reading the book yet but the DVD is almost just like they are reading the book to you (except I think there is much more detail in the book). I don't think I am in quite such a rush to get the DVD now having seen it once, I think I would prefer to work my way through the book. I have bought a little journal which I am going to use once I have finished reading the book and then go back and work my way through the book using the journal to do the exercises they suggest for the areas which I want to work on.
Have a great week and take care !
TFTD : All that we are is the result of what we have thought
TIAGF : The good health which my family and I have


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