Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A good day

I am sitting at softball writing this - not because K is playing and I am not watching the game - but because she isn’t playing and we are here !!! A thought it would be a great opportunity to teach her some more about the game seeing as she isn’t playing. She hurt her foot playing soccer on Friday afternoon when she went to kick the ball at the same time as someone from the opposition went to kick it and after x-rays on Friday night we found out that while it isn’t broken or fractured, she has bruised the cartilage in her big toe. So she is on crutches for a while until it heals enough for her to walk on it. But, she wanted to support her team and so we decided to bring her up.
Yesterday was a great day for me - I went shopping and I took Mary and M with me. Generally A and I do the shopping together but as he was working in the garden I said I would go by myself. Well - the chocolates and the biscuits were calling me - VERY LOUDLY - but thankfully Mary and M were even louder - NO JUNK FOOD IN THE HOUSE and that made it a bit easier for me to walk past without putting them in the trolley. I have been very slack lately and have had the mentality that “I’ll start tomorrow” but as we all know - tomorrow never comes because it is always today. I felt so good when I got home with only the items on my shopping list and not having bought and eaten anything before I even got home. Thank you my dear friends for helping me out and for being louder than the food that was calling me.
With our holiday to Spain mostly finalised, I have realised that if I want to lose 10kgs before I go, I am the one who has to do it - there is nobody else who can do it and if I don’t do it, it will be nobody’s fault but my own. But, if I can just keep the thought of Spain in my head whenever I go to put something in my mouth - I might just be able to do this. And, if I don’t do it - I would like ot be able to look back and say - I gave it my best shot rather than if only I had tried a little harder. The delayed gratification will be far better than the instant gratification I will be getting from eating things that aren’t helping me to achieve my goal.
Today will be a good day - I had some oats before I left home so I know that I won’t be hungry for quite a while - meant to bring a WW bar with me but ran out the house in a hurry and forgot - never mind a drink of water (or more likely Coke Zero) will keep any hunger pangs at bay until we get home and I can have a lunch which fits in with my eating for the day.
At least my week at work won’t be quite as hectic as it has been - the huge government return has been finished and submitted - now I just have to get the April accounts finished so that I can get the FBT return done and sent in - then it will be back to the usual accounts and looking at how to improve the processes which are currently in place.
I hope that you are all having a great weekend - take care and will catch up with you sometime during the week.
Have just finished 2 1/2 hrs in the garden weeding and clearing beds etc - at least now it looks a lot tidier. Still not where I want it to be - but better than it was. Does anyone else dislike working in the garden but do it because it has to be done ? I feel like it is one of those necessary chores like washing clothes and grocery shopping - wish I could win the Lotto and get someone in the do the garden each week !!!!


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