Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm determined !

As any of you who know me will know, I am either an all or nothing girl - when I am good I am very, very good but when I am bad, I'm dreadful !
As I said in my blog earlier, I have to weigh up the instant gratification of eating too much of a good thing against the long term gratification of losing weight and getting back to goal. Sometimes it is a sentence like the last which is enough to make my steely reserve come to the fore and show me what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.
The other day we went shopping (I think it may have been the weekend) and I put peanut M&M's into the trolly. A put in liquorice allsorts and some liquorice. I ate some M&M's - was going to eat the whole packet but managed to stop myself - mainly because I felt sick on the handful that I had already eaten. But the thoughts from my previous post came back to haunt me - do I want that instant gratification or can I delay it ? Since then I have managed to hold onto that thought and have said no to things which I haven't said no to in a long time. While I realise that it is only two days - for me that is better than only one day and if I can take this one day at a time, I will get there. While I am not counting points again (yet), I have a very good idea of how many I'm eating and I have been varying the food I eat for all meals which I think will make a difference as I seem to have got stuck in a rut w.r.t. my breakfast and lunch menu.
Long may this resolve last !!!!


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