Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A yoga convert in the making

Last night I went to the yoga class which I should have gone to last week but didn't make it because of birthdays, running around after work and night shift being moved forward an hour. But, I finally made it last night - and boy am I glad that I went. I don't think I managed all that well with what I did - having said that there were quite a few positions which were very similar to pilates so I didn't feel out of my depth the whole time.
I was very nervous about going - I am not good at new situations where I don't know people and don't know what to expect. I didn't know what type of yoga she taught (and I still don't because I didn't have the courage to ask) but I had such a great time there. I didn't relax as much as I had hoped I would - I felt myself keep tensing up until I realised it and then made an effort to relax again but it is a learning curve and I know that I will get better at it the more I practise. She was such a lovely lady - so calm and relaxed (I know, if you teach yoga you would expect her to be calm and relaxed) and she was just lovely. She chatted to me for a while after the class and in talking I mentioned my in-ability to sleep and she said "Isn't this amazing - it was only today that I photocopied an article for some ladies in one of my other classes who said that they couldn't sleep" and off she went and brought me back one of the copies she had made. There is an article from a yoga magazine as well as some poses to do before going to bed each night. I didn't try them at 1.30 when I got home this morning but will definitely try them out tonight before going to bed. I said to A this morning " I don't know if it is psyhcological but I felt l ike I definitely had a better sleep last night" - I felt that I didn't wake up nearly as many time in the 5 1/2 hrs that I was asleep compared to the number of times I normally wake up during that time. This is all good news for me - if yoga is the way for me to go to have a decent nights sleep then that is what I am going to do. I know that any reasonable level of exercise helps me to sleep and I need to work on making sure that I fit some sort of exercise into my day each day.
My water in-take is still good - I have had at least 6 glasses of water yesterday and today. I have also been eating grapes as my fresh fruit which is another plus for me as fruit and I don't really get along very well.
On that note, my lunch 1/2 hr is nearly over and I had better get back to work. Take care and have a great day everyone !


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