Wednesday, July 25, 2007

then again, maybe not ...

On Tuesday I thought I was very determined about keeping focussed on delayed rather than instant gratification - well I was wrong. Yesterday, while it wasn't a bad day, it wasn't the best day either. Last night I realised that on a few occasions I had eaten things without actually thinking about them and then too late realising that they weren't conducive to me reaching my long term goal - BUT IT WAS TOO LATE - they had already been eaten !!!
After a breakfast of pancakes and ice-cream, A and I went for a lovely cycle (although we both could feel the effects of Sunday's ride on our butts still !!!) and then came home and did some washing. He got stuck into the garden and I landed up pulling weeds down the side and the back of the house. In the afternoon I started preparing dinner as my folks were coming around.
All up - it could have been a lot worse - I could have eaten more 'bad' things and not gone cycling but it made me realise just how often I eat without thinking. I need to stop and focus on what I am putting in my mouth BEFORE it actually gets eaten - it's too late to worry about it once it has made it's way into the dark hole of my tummy.
Tonight I am off to pilates before going home for left overs and then off to work. It's great that we had the holiday yesterday - what a pity we couldn't have more 4 day weeks for 5 day pay !
Have a great evening everyone !


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