Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A great day !

Today has been great - I even had a litre of water before having a Coke Zero this morning - something I haven't done for many many months. I hate water - there are even times when I would rather go thirsty than drink water and I will not touch tap water - it has to be filtered water. So much so that we bought the Brita water bottles for when we go cycling so that it didn't matter where we filled our water bottles up. Anyway, I have managed to get another glass down since then and have one more glass to go before the end of the day - I should make it. Then it is up to me to try to keep it up over the following days / weeks / months.
I have done very well with my food choices since I last posted. Our holiday is proving to be a huge incentive to get this weight off. Plus this morning I did the jewellery incentive as well - no jewellery (except my wedding ring, my Gran's wedding ring and a thin necklace) until I get down to 70kgs. This worked to get me down to 75kgs - lets see if I have the same success to get another 5 kgs off.
I hope everyone is having a great day !


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