Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Secret and the monkey

The Secret book is fantastic - I bought it after work yesterday and nearly missed pilates and work because I didn't want to put it down. I thought about all the things I could accomplish and be and become by using the laws of attraction and I was amazed at how powerful a tool it is. We have some financial issues happening at the moment which are really giving me grey hairs and making this situation just too hard - this morning I woke up and said to myself "Today I will finish the FBT return (that was sort of a given as it is due on Monday but considering how much stuffing around I have done over the past 10 days - anything was possible), I will attract only positive things into my life, I love the person that I am and I love the body that I have - it may not be where I would like it to be, but, for today, I love it. The financial situation we are in will be resolved and it will not cost us more money than we originally calculated." For the first time in a long time, I came into work positive that I was going to have a good day. That I wasn't going to be dragged down by negative thoughts over what I couldn't do but would rather concentrate on what I can do and ask for help on what I didn't know (even though it is my ex-boss who is more help than my current boss - but she (my ex-boss) knows that and is always more than happy to help with any questions that I may have.)
When I got to work I saw an e-mail which required a reply by 5pm yesterday - as it was only sent at 4.48 and I had left a little early due to having to get to the shops to buy The Secret before going to pilates, I didn't get the e-mail until this morning. This resulted in them retracting their offer - I did not get upset - I remembered what I had said when I got up this morning. I spoke to A about it and we made the decision that if after a few more phone calls things were sorted out - that was great, otherwise we would have to consider alternative options. The bottom line is that we were expecting to incur costs in the region of $1000 - instead we have received an additional $200 in our pocket !!! I truly believe that The Secret works - what else would explain this change in situation for us.
The FBT monkey is finally off my back (well as close to being off as it can be without actually being off) - I have to wait for some figures which I can only get first thing on Monday morning but the rest of it is all balanced up and ready to go - as soon as I have those figures I can put them in, complete the return and send it off - YAY !!!!!!!!! This, together with the government financial return were two BIG monkeys that gave me sleepless nights, lots of anxious moments and, in the end, the realisation that I am capable of lots more than I have given myself credit for. My previous boss said to me after I had left that I had to have more confidence in my abilities, something I have always battled with, and these two 'projects' have made me realise that, while I may not know what I am doing, I can ask questions and get help and accomplish far more than I thought I was able to.
Tomorrow we will be organising a 15 year old birthday sleep over - am sure they will have lots of fun and hopefully they won't be up all night as they all have to be at softball at 9am on Sunday morning (and we have to drive about 1 hr 15mins to get there) - with a bit of luck they won't be too tired to play as it is one of their hardest opponents and their parents can deal with cranky teenagers in the afternoon when the lack of sleep kicks in.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone - take care and go safely !


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