Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tracking along pretty well

Things are going well for me - tracking online each day and I have even managed to get between 1-2 litres of water down each day for the past couple of days. This is a big accomplishment for me given how I really dislike the taste of water although I can stomach filtered water and today have been drinking the lime Mizone which is quite pleasant tasting - although I have to be honest and say that after all that water - nothing (except maybe some Amarula) beats an ice cold Coke Zero !!!

My exercise is still non-existent - I know that I need to get moving but have been so tired (probably because I haven't been exercising) and just can't be bothered. Plus there is cricket and tennis on TV and with K being on holiday find that we get home from work, the TV is on and we flop down and then it is a battle to get up and do anything.

I did pull out my recipe books and made dinner from one for tonight before we went to work. I have bought ingredients for another three dinners out of the cookbooks - I am so tired of the same old same old dinners - needed to find something different.

Tomorrow we are looking at maybe driving down to Coolangatta to watch the beach cricket - we don't have tickets but they are giving them away from 9am - so will see what time we wake up and whether we can be bothered or not.

Well - that's it for now - will be back on Monday or Tuesday with an update on how weigh-in went on Monday night. We have stock take at Coles on Monday night so it will probably not happen until Tuesday - I hate stock takes - they are such a waste of time especially when they get the school kids in who are so half arsed about counting - it isn't that it is that difficult but geez they manage to stuff it up every time !!!!!


Blogger Carlton said...

Good to see you back blogging again. I've missed hearing about your adventures. Hope you have a good day at the beach cricket, it looks like so much fun on the TV.

I feel the same way about exercise, mine is also no existent due to me being so tired and a little stressed.

7:31 AM  

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