Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A good result

Lst night A and I went for a walk as soon as we got home from work and then I changed and went to weigh. I lost 1.7kg - not enough to wipe out the gain of December but certainly enough to kick start my weight loss efforts this year. I also received the Slimmer of the Week award - am sure that won't happen many more times until I get to goal but it was good to get the recognition within the group.

My eating and water today have been great - I have finished the day 3.5 points under and I did manage to drink 4 glasses of water - even if the last two glasses had to be skulled as I was about to walk out the door - I made a pact with myself that whatever water goes into the jug in the morning has to be out the jug in the afternoon (and I'm not allowed to use it to water the office plants !!!)

I have been catching up on a few blogs tonight and now I remember how motivating this used to be for me - when I see how successful others have been / are, it really makes me feel like there is no reason why I can't be successful too. Actually when I look at photos of me when I got to goal the last time, it almost breaks my heart to see how I have let myself go and allowed myself to let the kilos pile on again. But, there is no point in dwelling on what used to be or crying over added kilos - what I do need to dwell in on is keeping my motivation up and myself organised enough to make it happen again. And I know I can do it - for Pete's sake, I have done it more times than I care to remember. Each time I get to goal I say "This is it - never again will I put the weight on again" - but I have and when I look back I realise that there are lessons which I am obviously not learning hence the need to re-visit the lesson !!!!

Tonight when someone was surfing the TV channels there was a programme about people in their mid-late 30's changing careers etc because they realised that the big house high powered jobs were not making them feel fulfilled. I am obviously a late starter as it has taken me until my early 40's to realise this - or maybe I should say to actually do something about it because for many years I have realised that being an accountant is not what makes me happy but I have done nothing about changing my career - until now that is.

2008 is the year for me - it is the year when I am going to achieve all that I am capable of achieving and I am going to be successful in all that I do - in my journey to the new me, in my career, in my family life and in my studies. It is going to happen and the reason for that is because I am going to make it happen. Join me for the ride - if you are up to it !!!!

Take care and have an absolutely fantastic week !


Blogger B said...

Well done, that's a fantastic loss. Good to see you so motivated again, it's very inspiring!

7:14 AM  

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