Saturday, January 12, 2008

5 great days !

Another good day under my belt ! This morning after waking up we sat around for a while before K and A decided to start a jigsaw puzzle. Then it was time for K to go to work and A and I got stuck into the garden.

The back garden is the last thing that needs to be done before all the renovations are completed (except the painting of the front gabled area but I am waiting on loan scaffolding for that so it may be a while !!). We cut and whipper snipped the front and back gardens and got stuck into the beds which haven't really been touched for a long long time. Unfortunately we didn't get it all finished but then this morning we were only really going to cut the grass and we landed up doing heaps more than that.

A trip to the tip was in order for all the cuttings that we had but we jumped in the pool for a while before we went there. Got home and some friends popped over to visit and they left just in time for us to go and collect K from work.

A and K are sitting working on the jigsaw puzzle and I am off to do dinner - very easy tonight - left over chicken for more chicken rolls !!!! We had thought we may use A's birthday present of two movie tickets but I can see that the two of them won't want to drag themselves away from the puzzle so think it will be a stay at home night tonight - maybe we will go tomorrow night instead.

Have a great Sunday everyone and take care !


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