Friday, January 11, 2008

4 great days !

Taking this one day at a time is certainly working for me - I have now had 4 good days and not even one bad moment. My shopping trips to Coles have been totally uneventful in terms of buying something and eating it in secret because we all know that what we eat in secret doesn't have to be counted in our daily points, don't we ? I have done no secret eating in 4 days - and, while this may not seem like a long time, it certainly is when you are used to eating quite a lot of things in secret each day.

We had friends over for dinner tonight and the chicken rolls were delish - A cooked the chicken to perfection and the rolls which K brought home from work were so fresh I am sure they came out the oven as she left her shift at 3pm.

There is not very much planned for the weekend - some chores around the house and garden and YAY no working on Saturday night - maybe we could use A's birthday present of two movies tickets which has been sitting on a fridge door since September !

For Christmas he was given a nights accomodation, the latest show and breakfast for two at Conrad Jupiter's and we booked that for 1st February so that is something to look forward to. Hopefully by then I will have lost a few kilos and able to wear something reasonably decent to the show. We can check in from 2pm so plan to leave work early - not sure what we will do when we get there although with any luck all the holiday makers will have gone back to wherever they came from and it won't be too busy.

On that note I am off to bed and will hopefully be back sometime on the weekend - this forum and going to weigh-in each week are the two things which keep me honest in my eating. We haven't had much chance to exercise this week - we got our cycle done on Monday night. Tuesday night we had my folks and aunt around for dinner as she was leaving this morning to go back to South Africa and it was the best night to have them around as we don't work then. Wednesday night we were off to the chiro which was just fantastic as we haven't seen her since before we left for Spain due to our medical aid portion running out. Thursday it was school shoe and stationery shopping time and by the time we had got all of that and then gone around to say goodbye to my Aunt it was time to get home, get changed and be off to work. Then tonight we had friends over for dinner so after work a quick dash into the shops to get some nibblies (for them - I didn't have any - go Me !!!) and then home to get dinner prepared. I am not promising myself to exercise on the weekend but if the opportunity presents itself, I hope to take up the challenge and get out there and get moving.

Have a great weekend everyone and take care !


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