Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year from Miss Piggy

Well – the holiday season has come and gone and the kilos have come and not yet gone !!! But, I am not going to worry about that – I made the decision not to make my life a misery with worrying about my weight over this period of the year (no doubt I will regret that decision when I get on the scale tonight but hey, it was fun while it lasted.)

I ate too much and on occasions I drank a little too much too but I had a good time. Father Christmas spent most of his money at other people’s homes but that was OK because we all had a good time and enjoyed the time we got to share with each other. We had a great family lunch on Christmas day with the extended family from Perth able to join us – it certainly made for a festive day.

But, I am going to face that scale tonight – not that I particularly want to – but I know that I have to before my weight spirals totally out of control. I would imagine that I will have put on at least the weight I lost before Christmas but it is all good because if I hadn’t of made that effort in those weeks leading up to Christmas I would have been 5-6kgs heavier than I am now.

Onto other really exciting things – I am going back to study this year. The course starts in February and runs through to November and it is through the Massage Schools of Queensland. While for many years I have felt that I am too old to change careers, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. This will be with a view to opening a reflexology/massage practice in the future. I did have an “Oh shit !” moment towards the end of last week when I realised that it is probably close to 15 years ago since I last had to study and write exams but figure it is a bit like riding a bicycle, you never really stop knowing how to do it – you just have to get back into practice !! At least I am hoping that is what it will be like. I am EXTREMELY excited about this prospect and, if it doesn’t pay off, at least I won’t die wondering what would have happened if I had only tried !

To this end it may mean even less time for me to blog because while I have had to give up two nights per week at Coles, I will continue with the other two nights that I currently work just to keep my hand in and also then I will move back to permanent part-time staff when I am finished the course.

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and that you are all fired up for 2008 – I know that I am and that there are going to be amazing things happening this year.

Take care and look after yourselves.

Added later : Got home from work and went on a 9.2km cycle - not the fastest time and boy did our legs feel it on the way home but exercise none the less. Then dashed off to WW - YAY a 3.8kg gain over the whole month - have to be happy with that given what I was expecting and how I have been eating and drinking !!! It wasn't the usual lady there and she was shocked when I got excited about such a big gain - told her I was expecting more and that I was happy with that !!!! Then got home and walked with A and K to the servo to get K's tyres pumped up as she is going to ride to work and back. So, it is all good in the M household.

Have a great week and go safely !


Blogger Anne said...

I did the Miss Piggy act as well this year:-( Never mind - I've accepted the gain and moving on.

All the best for 2008!! Also hope the study goes well.

2:18 PM  

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