Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another great day !

Today was a great day - food wise, water wise, exercise wise and entertainment wise - just an all round fantastic day !

Got up this morning and after a breakfast of apricot delight toast, went down to Coolangatta to watch the beach cricket semi-finals and finals. Got there and the queue to get in was miles long (entrance was free) so gave that a miss and wandered down the one street of shops. A had a Big Chief burger and I had Subway for lunch together with a 750ml bottle of water. Then we decided to go to Robina to see a movie - A got tickets for his birthday in Sept which we haven't used yet. So off we went to see American Gangster (with no snacks to eat during the movie !!!) - not a bad movie - you don't have to dash out and see it but not bad if you do get to it.

Then came home and went for a 50min walk even though all I wanted to do was veg out - thanks A for encouraging me enough to get out there and get moving. We had a really healthy dinner - lavash bread with lettuce, carrots, avo and philly cheese - thanks Sue - we had similar for lunch yesterday and it was just yummo. Plus another 750ml of water.

Now we are off to sit in the spa for a while before going to bed - unless the weather in Pretoria clears and the ODI between SA and WI is on - in which case we will watch some of that - or some of the tennis if the match is interesting enough.

Have a fantastic week everyone - take care and I will be back on Tuesday with an update of my weigh-in result tomorrow night. My scales at home have been playing up (25kg gain one day and then 20kg loss the next !!!!) so, scale whore that I am, I haven't stepped on my scales since last Monday night - will see how I go tomorrow night when I get to WW.


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