Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I found someone

Actually I didn't find her, my friend did - the bottom line is that I have found someone, a couple of suburbs away from where I live, who gives yoga classes on a day and time which is suitable for me, at a price which is right and who does it for all the right reasons !!! I have been looking on and off for a yoga class in my area but I haven't (until now) found anything suitable. Yesterday I received a call from a friend of mine telling me about this freaky phone call she had just had with the yoga lady. I was going to go last night but when I phoned to confirm that the class was on, she told me she had just got back from a weeks working holiday (she had been to one of the islands off Qld for a week to teach yoga to a family - how cool would that be ???) So I am all set for next Monday night - a little disappointed that it didn't happen last night but never mind - something to look forward to next week. (Bugger - have just realised that there are two public holidays on Monday's and she probably won't have a class !!!!)
I did get home last night and, after having cooked dinner, and not been able to go to the yoga class, pull out my fitball and work out on that for 30 mins which was great although I obviously didn't work hard enough as I couldn't really feel anything this morning. Will have to maybe do more reps on each one tonight.
Have a great day everyone and take care !
TFTD : Close friends become family and family is the true centre of the universe
TIAGF : Working out on my fitball last night


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