Wednesday, July 25, 2007

All is well in the world of A

The operation was a success (not that we expected anything less). It was a very tiring day at the hospital but it was soooooooo good to see A without the frame when I went through and he was having something to eat - poor bugger was starving when he finally recovered and they let him have some horrible hospital sandwiches. I, on the other hand, had moseyed down to the hospital cafe after they had taken him off to theatre, and had a toasted chicken sandwich (not the best) with a bottle of Coke Zero and the bestest caramel slice I have ever tasted ! It was so good I had to buy one to give to A when he was up to eating something that rich. I know I said I wasn't going to eat anything unnecessarily but I just couldn't resist.
There has been a lot of bleeding from the pin sites - they did not stitch them up but rather put Betadine plugs in. We managed to control the bleeding with pressure bandages which is all that the hospital told us to do if the sites continued to bleed after we had left there. I looked at his leg for the first time last night and it doesn't look too bad all things considered. K has been cleaning and dressing the 6 sites and then I have been wrapping a bandage around his leg so that it can't be seen - it really is quite revolting to look at plus the bandage will keep any dust and bugs out until the holes are all closed.
We had a lovely dinner on Friday night with all the family - lots of laughing and joking and 'remember whening' !!! It was great. I had two starters as my main meal and then A and I shared a Brownie Blast - that was delicious although I am glad he shared it with me as I think I would have been sick if I had tried to eat a whole one on my own. They served it in a big brandy goblet !
The rest of the weekend was spent driving up and down to Redlands Bay which is where K is going to be playing softball in future - on the whole the standard of play there is a lot stronger than where she was playing previously but it is a lot further away. Thank goodness we only have 1 child to ferry around !!!!!
Had better get going as my lift is on his way over - I am on my way home and am going to dig out my fitball and the exercise sheet I received with the fitball and work my way through those exercises - that way I don't have to interrupt anyone who is watching something on TV to put a pilates or Walk away the Pounds video on.
Have a great week everyone and take care !


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