Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not sure what is going on with this

My weigh-in this morning saw another loss this week (0.8kg) taking my total loss since 2 January to 6.8kgs with a total loss when I was at my heaviest to 12.3kgs. Got to be happy with that !

It was a sad day yesterday when I got a phone call to say that thetreadmill was due to be collected. Unfortunately, I had to wave a sadgood-bye to it as I just can't afford to keep it another 3 months. I was feeling rather glum as I knew that it was so much easier to go walking on that than to get out onto the road - at least there I couldhop on and off if required to do something for dinner or quickly sortthe washing out etc. Never mind, there can always be a next time. Iwas looking back through my eating and exercise plan for the week justgone - again I had more days of exercise than not which is what I amaiming for. And, my eating was definitely much better than theprevious week. While I was sitting doing nothing, I remembered that afriend of mine had given me a Walk Away the Pounds video - it was the3 mile programme so thought I would give that a try - a littlehesitant at first I have to say because I felt VERY strange doing thisin the middle of the lounge room. K was busy with her homework and Alwas on his wobble board so I put the video on and gave it a go. Idefinitely worked up a huge sweat and, 4.8kms and 45 mins later, Ifinished it. It felt really good and I felt great that I had got offmy butt and done something - especially as I only started it at 8.30and had to make sure I was showered and changed ready for work by9.40pm. While I think it would get a little boring after a while, Ihave a couple of other videos that my friend gave me so will see if Ican set up a machine in the spare room so that I don't have to do itin front of everyone plus I can go and do it if the others are busywatching something on TV that I don't want to watch. I'm not sure if
training after school until 5.30 or 6pm and then we have to dash her down to the APS Swimming Carnival. So a busy night ahead with not much time left for exercising - oh well, it won't be the end of the world and I'm not going to lose any sleep over it either !!!!

I'll continue to try to finish the week exercising more days than I don't. I went to the sleep clinic yesterday for the initial consultation and now have to keep a sleep diary until I go back for my sleep study in March. I am on the cancellation list so if a place becomes available sooner and I can make it i.e. not a night we are working because they will only call between 7.30-8.30pm hence the need to keep the sleep diary from now and not only the two weeks prior to my appointment. I really hope they are able to find out the problem and get something sorted out for me.

TFTD : Friendship is the bridge between lonely and loved. It stretches from the fog into sunshine, hopelessness into faith, between despair and joy.

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Great loss Linda and yeah, gotta be so ecstatic with that! :-) Good to see you're already thinking of others ways to fit your exercise in too. I can't wait to find out more about your sleep and if this sleep clinic will help you out. I hope so. Have a great weekend Linda and hopefully catch you again soon.

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