Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Proud to be Me !

Yesterday I wrote about how I was proud to be an Australian - today I
am proud to be Me ! I stepped very gingerly onto the scales this
morning - not sure what I was going to see and, to my delight, I saw a
1.6kg loss. Of course I am going to have to make sure that my weekend
doesn't catch up with me - but I certainly feel like the effort I have
put in since the beginning of the year is being rewarded. I am glad
that I didn't toss it all in last week when I stayed the same. I am
glad that I didn't sneak off to the snack machine (which has been
empty the whole school holidays but is now full) to buy anything
yesterday afternoon when I was feeling like a chocolate was just what
I needed to hit the spot. I am really glad that at 9pm last night,
when all I wanted to do was have a shower and go to bed, I got on the
treadmill and did 2.5kms of walking.

This morning when I entered my weight into eTools - I got a message
back saying "You might be losing weight a bit quickly". I do
understand that it isn't good to lose weight too quickly but I have
never felt like I am losing it too quickly. I know that this can't go
on for much longer as I don't have that much to lose. Having said
that, I have put it on over a relatively short space of time so is it
unrealistic for me to expect it to come off in a short space of time ?
For most of us it is a case of not being able to lose it quickly

Did anyone see the programme on Extreme Skinny Celebreties last night
(not sure which channel it was on) - they showed some photos where
these celebrities photos had been aged - gee, I hope I don't look
anything like that when I get old !!! I never used to think that you
could be too thin but after seeing some of those people, I do think
that you can be too thin. Being too thin is definitely very aging
plus unhealthy in terms of what you can suffer as a result of being
too thin - blood disorders, heart problems, skeletal problems, hormone
imbalances etc.

Tonight I am off to pilates and then home to dinner and (hopefully) an
early night. I am amazed at how, there are some days when I am so
focussed on what I want to achieve and how I can go about achieving it
and then on other days it is like I am a completely different person
who can't see what it is I'm trying to achieve and everything is just
too hard. How strange the human psyche can be.

TFTD : Hold a true friend with both your hands

TIAGF : A good result on the scales


Blogger Anne said...

Impressive loss - well done! You are going well.

Will be looking forward to seeing your photos of your trip. We went to that area a couple of years ago and just loved it:)

6:31 AM  
Blogger Fatpolly said...

Well done on the loss.Looks like you are powering away.

Listing what you did not do really works for me.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

Great stuff!! You are really back into it. Love the quote,how true!!

7:33 AM  
Blogger M said...

Great loss Linda and don't worry about it coming off too fast. You are not starving yourself, you are exercising, so if one week it comes off like this, and the next it is a little slower - it all balances out at the end. And if it gives you a huge motivational boost to keep going all the better.

Have a great weekend and look forward to reading about your upcoming trip. (you couldn't bore me with the details even if you tried LOL)

7:01 PM  
Blogger kathrynoh said...

I definitely wouldn't worry about it coming off too quickly, esp since you didn't loss last week. I'd say it's the accumulative effect of the two weeks so that's a nice healthy loss :)

5:59 PM  
Blogger Julie's journey said...

Congratulations - what a great loss. Dont worry about it coming off too quickly, it will even out (something about swings and roundabouts). You deserved this.

3:21 PM  

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