Monday, January 22, 2007

Another good weekend

Another good weekend under the belt. Not much in the way of exercise
but I did get nearly 5 hours of scrubbing pool tiles - that has to
count for something.

My food in-take was great this weekend. I have tried this week to eat
more of my daily points - I used to save sometimes 20-24 points per
week but this week I thought I would try to only save 1-3 per day if I
didn't eat enough during the day. This has been fine except one day
when I ate 22.5 points instead of my 19 points but I figured there is
no point in saving points if you don't use them occasionally. The
trouble is that the scales aren't moving the right way - in fact they
have moved the wrong way !!!! Al has a theory that when you first go
on a diet (or change your way of eating as I like to call it - it
isn't as easy to fall off that as it is to fall of your diet !!!) your
body lets go of some fat. Then as you continue to eat less fat, it
says "Hey, I'm not getting the fat that I used to, I had better store
the next lot that comes my way" and so you don't lose as much. Now I
have no idea if there is any scientific proof of his theory but he
sticks to it firmly and trots it out each time I start a my way of
eating. It may also be the fact that I hop on the scale each morning
and yes, there are daily fluctuations which do sometimes make me
wonder "I'm doing all this hard work for THIS " !!!! But, I have
stuck to the plan and I am sure that if I continue to stick to the
plan, the results will show in the end.

I am very organised for the week ahead with meals planned and some
even cooked !!! I put a casserol into the slow cooker last night and
it was smelling really delicious when we walked through this morning -
just need to thicken it a little and dinner is all done. K is working
this afternoon and Al is working tonight so he can eat before he goes
and I will eat later with K after I have done some walking.

I dont' think I posted about my pilates session on the equipment
(Friday was like a mad house here) - it was GREAT ! I am so pleased I
decided to do it and can't wait for Thursday to come around so that I
can go back again. It really worked my legs and arms and I could feel
it in my hamstrings on Friday. It was that nice ache when you know
you have done something - although not as bad as I was expecting it to
be. Al said that because I had stretched after I had finished, that
helped with the break-down of lactic acid (I think that was what he
said anyway). apparently it is the build of lactic acid which causes
you to feel stiff the day after exercising.

Well, I had better get going - I'm slowly working my way down my
in-tray which is great - it isn't emty (and probably never will be)
but at least I am makeing in-roads into it. Have a great week
everyone and take care !

TFTD : If you want an accounting of your worth, count your friends

TIAGF : Air-conditioning


Blogger michelle said...

Al is right about stretchin g after exercise, Makes a big difference to ho wsore you get. Don't give up good eating and the scales will eventually go down again.

6:39 PM  
Blogger CaramelKitKat said...

Are you kidding?? Scrubbing pool tiles is probably more strenuous than walking!

Funny you should mention the fat storing thing as it's in line with what a (hot) trainer at my old gym told me. This guy was all muscle, a bodybuilder who had stopped just short of the meathead look, aaaanyway... He said that the best way to drop fat was to eat it, lots of it, ie, drink olive oil. He said it was a technique that body builders used and it worked because the body found no need to store the fat if was going to get this much, and so the floodgates opened and all the stored fat would come out. Makes sense, but be buggered if I'm going to drink oil!

Thanks for visiting my new blog, have a great week.

11:04 PM  

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