Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Very disappointed !!!

I was hugely disappointed to get on the scale this morning and find
out that I had not lost a single gram since last week - not 200g, not
even 100g - just nothing - an absolute big fat ZERO !!!!! How can
that be ?

I have tried so hard - I have said no to chocolate on at least 3
occasions, said no to Baskin and Robbins ice-cream, said no to seconds
of dinner when it was really tasty - walked on the treadmill when I
could have blobbed in front of the TV, drank water when I really
wanted a Coke Zero - and all for nought. It just doesn't seem fair.

Thank you for letting me have my rant and rave - I'm now over my zero
loss for the week and I am determined to keep at it and the results
will show - eventually. They HAVE to show somewhere, don't they ?

Al wanted to go out to dinner tonight because K has a dinner meeting
for work and only has to be collected after 7pm - after this morning I
said I would prefer not to go out and he was very understanding about
it. We are going away for the long weekend and so I would rather
maybe go out to dinner one of those nights - especially as I have
meals planned for the rest of this week anyway - rather take me out on
a night when I haven't got anything planned !!!!!!

I am still using e-Tools and very happy with them (although I will
have to track manually while we are away this weekend but it shouldn't
be too bad) - the one problem I have is that I am not too sure if I
can trust the foods that they have pre-loaded e.g. there is one item -
skinless chicken thighs - one shows points of 4.5 and another one
shows it as 8points - a big difference which also puts a question mark
on the rest of their info. Maybe I should have been using the 8
points for chicken thighs rather than the 4.5 - chicken is my staple
food for dinner. Another thing (which is small as it is really only
0.5 points but which I guess could add up over a day / week) - the Oat
Temptations - the berry and date ones are 2 points each but the
apricot and apple ones are 2.5 - on e-Tools they are all 2 points.

Does anyone know about whether we are still allowed 14 sugar / alcohol
points per week - there is no counter for that in e-Tools and I seem
to recall someone saying that you didn't need to count them anymore -
you just needed to eat them (and your alcohol points) within
moderation. What I would like to know is "What is moderate ?" - whose
moderation is it because I know that everyone has a different level /
idea of what is moderate. I personally feel that 1 big Cadbury's slab
of chocolate per day is moderate (and when I am binge eating - that is
probably the case) but to someone else that may be a little extreme
(for those of you are who don't me - the last sentence was said very
much tongue in cheek in case you were wondering !!!!!!!!!!!)

They have turned the water off at school today and it is dreadful - I
am so thirsty but daren't drink my water because then I need to piddle
and I can't get to the servo to go to the toilet because I don't have
my car here - very inconvenient !!!!!!

Better get back to work - lunch time is just about over. Have a great
day everyone and take care !

TFTD : Generosity is the essence of friendship

TIAGF : The ability to look forward and not worry about what happened last week


Blogger Mary said...

Okay...zero result this week, let's see what happens next week! You know how the scales are so you might be pleasantly surprised. Now put that chocolate down LOL :-P

How annoying to get dubious figures with e-Tools. Would it be worth emailing them to query it so they can fix it?

LOL at the chocolate being moderate. I'm not sure about counting sugar points because I never ever did. I kind of figured that because I was eating so much better already, I didn't have much sugar anyway.

No water!!? Scary and that is only for one day. Imagine if the drought gets worse. It worries me.

I hope you have a nice weekend away!!

2:20 PM  

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