Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Like that would help !!!!!

After a rather heated discussion with Al this afternoon on the way home from work - he went off to have x-rays and I came home to get ready for pilates. The only trouble was the chocolate in the fridge which called me on the way to pilates. So, 6 pieces later, I got to pilates. Then after getting home, going to collect K from her dinner meeting and eating dinner, another 6 pieces of chocolate called me from the fridge - BIG BUGGER !!!!!!!!! At 3.5 points for 6 squares - that is 7 points down the tubes - again BIG BUGGER !!!

Oh well - what is done is done and I am only posting this to save me from raiding the fridge again. Tomorrow we are off to Brisbane to the specialist - should be an interesting appointment and then I will have to work back to make up the time. We have hair appointments at 7.15 so am not sure when I am going to get some treadmill work in because I am going to have to earn lots of bonus points this week to make up for the chocolates tonight. If only my legs weren't so tired tonight I would have got on for a couple of kms now.

Think I will have a shower and try to get an early night tonight - well I can always hope to get to bed and go straight to sleep instead of tossing and turning for hours on end.

I hope you have had a better day than I have had today !!!


Blogger Julie's journey said...

The siren call of chocolate can be insidious and overwhelming. Dont worry about we all do it - its not a biggie, disappointing I know but nothing that cant be compensated for. Hope specialist appt gives you all the answers you need. Hope today is a better day, thinking of you.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Sorry to hear your having a bit of a crappy time. Chocolate...mmm, that is why I can't have any in the house! Sometimes I do and I think I can control it but I can't but I hope it hit the spot. {{{HUGS}}}.

11:35 AM  
Blogger M said...

Oh Linda. I sent you an email before I read this post. But I STILL think you are doing an amazing job and 12 squares of chocolate are not going to end your plans of reaching your goal. They have only made it 12 squares of chocolate longer!!

Hope you are getting some good sleep. It always seems easier when the body is rested.

Thinking of you. M x

12:31 PM  

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