Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's time to ....

stop dicking around and get back on track !! The weekend away was wonderful and not counting everything that went into my mouth was great. But, we have now been back nearly two weeks and I am not quite back in the groove again. Nothing serious - just little extras here and there - an extra half spoon of this and a couple more of that. I need to get back on track PROPERLY and stay there until these excess kilos are gone. I am pleased with how things are going - aim to take my measurements tomorrow (haven't taken them since I started) - the scales were saying 75kg this morning which I'm happy with but I am sure that they will be higher than that on Tuesday. This Tuesday just gone saw a gain of 0.2 but I can't complain as my exercise last week wasn't that flash and my eating (as I said earlier) is still not quite what it should be. My first goal is to get to 75kg (at my normal weekly weigh-in) and then I can wear my jewellery again. I took it off when I started this at the beginning of the year and set myself this reward when I got to the 75kg mark. The people from my old work were rather surprised to see my without jewellery as I never take it off but I thought it may be something to keep me motivated and get me started on this endeavour.

I have had a very up and down week - two days off work due to migraines. A trip to the dr to explain that I can't keep having time off work and the promise to go back to see her once the headaches are all gone to see if it is possibly hormonal - early menopause - I hope bloody not ! I don't think I could cope with that at the moment. Needless to say my exercise (apart from pilates on Thursday night) has been non-existent this week. But I will back into it next week when I am feeling 100% again. Low blood pressure isn't helping either as every time I get up I feel dizzy.

We have just got back from a BBQ with my work mates from my previous job - what a great afternoon we had. We really should try to get together more often and catch up on what everyone has been up to. I really would like to be at goal (or at least a lot closer to goal) when next we meet up.

Our plans for Canada are coming along very nicely. The travel agent gave us a few flight options - one of them going via either LA or San Fran - jumped at the chance to go back to San Fran (wouldn't give you thank you to go back to LA) so it looks like we will be spending 2 1/2 weeks in Canada and 10 days in San Fran. Nothing definite yet but getting closer every day.

Work is really hectic at the moment - new year, new budgets to be loaded and a new system being implemented on Wednesday - not looking forward to that or the days that are going to follow after (well for a while at least). I'm sure it will all be good - if I can get through the next couple of weeks relatively unscathed I will be very happy. Actually if I could get through the next couple of weeks having lost some weight as well I will be extremely happy !!!!

On that note - I had better be off - playing taxi to the working class of the household tonight.

Take care everyone and have a great week !


Blogger Health Bites said...

Hi Linda!

I hope you had a great time away but sorry to hear about all the migraines. Is that because of your lack of sleep as well? Did you end up trying that spray? I really hope you feel better soon.

At least you've got Canada to look forward to later in the year, that will be awesome!

Alrighty, I have heaps of blogs to catch up now. My bloglines wasn't updating for some reason so I need to go through and check them all. That's a lot of blogs!

Catch you soon,


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