Thursday, May 12, 2005

Some stats

Leigh asked if I had any stats to put on my page - I will put them on as soon as I have the time and find out how to !

In the meantime - these are my stats :

Age - 39
Height - 167cm
SW - 86.1kg
CW - 75.4kg
GW - 67kg
PGW - 65kg
How many times have I got to goal weight - too many to remember
How many times have I put all the weight I lost back on (plus more) - too many to remember + 1
How many more times am I going to have to go down that road - NONE - this is my last time and when it is off I am going to keep it off

I weigh on a Monday night at WW but do weigh myself every day at home on an electronic WeighLess scale which I have checked with boxes of washing powder so I know it is right.

My structured exercise each week is an hour of pilates on a Tuesday but have heaps of incidental exercise packing shelves at Coles between 4 to 6 nights (3 to 5 hours per night) of the week.

Onto my day - we woke up 45 minutes earlier this morning for Kaitlin's birthday - she was already awake - a rare occurrence in our household !!! She was very pleased with the presents we had bought for her - she knew about some of the clothes which we bought when we were in Sydney but did manage to get some things which she didn't know about - of course we spoilt her because I had forgotten about presents I had bought previously and hidden away until I was wrapping them at 1am and Al said "What about the bag ? What about the book ?" and then I had to go and try to find where I had hidden them.

Al made her French toast for breakfast (her request) and then was very happy when she asked if she could have tuck money for lunch as he normally makes lunches for all of us. So, because she got tuck money I didn’t get my usual sandwich and had to go and buy something. Luckily there is a good sushi place close to where I work so I got some sushi for 4 points (my usual sandwich is 3 points) and it wasn’t raining at lunch time so I could go out to buy it otherwise it would have been something out the machine – not good choices in there !! This leaves me with enough points for my dinner tonight at the restaurant where we are going. Al is going to collect K’s cake after work but I will make sure that it is all eaten before we get home and I will try to only have a little taste.

I came to work today feeling really lousy – fat. frumpy and just downright blaaah but after catching up on reading some journals and getting the comments and e-mails you have sent, I perked up quite a bit – still feel fat but am not feeling as down as I did this morning which is great – thanks for doing that for me everyone !

Take care, be good and have a great day !

TFTD : Effort only fully releases it’s reward after a person refuses to quit.

(Ain’t that the truth !! Hang in there everyone, we will get the rewards we deserve if we continue to persevere !)


Blogger Leighanne said...

Happy birhday to Kaitlin!!

I do the same thing - buy heaps of little presents during the year, then forget when the birthday (or christmas) comes around and end up with heaps of presents!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Sounds like she had a lovely day, that's cool! That must be one of the best things about having one child, you can spoil her and you should! I know if we can't have any more babies then Amelia is going to be absolutely spoilt rotten!! Hope you are feeling not so blaah tomorrow, and hope I'm not either!

8:23 PM  
Blogger M said...

Happy birthday Kaitlin and just Happy Day to you... Have a great night at the restaurant..

9:28 AM  

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