Saturday, April 30, 2005

Still on track

This morning saw us off for our weekly fix of muffins from Muffin Break for breakfast - this is our Saturday morning ritual something I look forward to each week. This morning was no exception. After doing a couple of things at the local shopping centre we popped in to finally give my sister-in-law her birthday present and have something to drink and a chat.

Then we had Subway for lunch and have been pottering around at home.

I haven't done any exercise today and was going to jump on the gym but thought I would give myself another days rest - so long as it doesn't turn into another days rest and then another days rest !!!!! Will have another session tomorrow (hopefully !)

All in all I am well within my points for today but have been very slack with drinking my water. I keep telling myself that I am going to get better with the water issue but that only seems to last for a day or two and then I am back to not drinking any water at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this ?

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ at Paradise Point - am not sure who is going to be there as we just made it an open invitation to our friends - am sure that we will catch up with some of them. At least with everyone bringing whatever they want to eat and drink it is easier to stay within my points for the day !!! A bonus at this stage of the week.

Take care everyone, and all those in Queensland enjoy the long weekend !

TFTD : No state of mind is permanent unless we choose to make it so.


Blogger Kate said...

Good on you for staying on track. It's not easy to keep going and going. I'm afraid I don't really have any suggestions re: water as I love water. It's the most refreshing thing to drink and I find I feel heaps better when I drink it. Maybe make yourself drink say 1 litre before you are allowed any other fluids?

6:19 PM  

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