Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bugger ..

I had typed my whole entry for today and tried to publish it - nothing happened but when I looked in the Edit Posts tab I could see it so had to dash out at lunch to take the car to have the rust proofing checked and when I came back my whole entry was gone and when I hit "Recover Post" nothing happens !!! Will put down what I can remember in the meantime as I have no idea of where else to look to try to find it !

Had a good day yesterday - finished the day on 14 points and then had a nut bar when we got home at midnight taking my points to 17 for the day. Definitely much better than having some biscuits !!!! Pilates was good - there were only 4 of us again so she worked us a lot harder than she normally does with a bigger class (maybe my stomach will be flatter quicker ????? - I can only hope).

Luckily Al is so good to me - he cooked a roast with veggies which was waiting for me when I got home from pilates as we had to leave for work at 7.40pm. Walked absolutely miles last night as we were doing re-packs and so it was walking from one aisle to the next to pack whatever was in the re-pack box - my feet were absolutely killing me when we were finished.

Last night I was going to wrap Kaitlin's presents but forgot all about that when I got home so will have to make sure that I do that tonight otherwise the poor thing will have to get her presents in plastic packets !

Can't think what else there was that I had to say and as my lunch hour is well and truly over I had better get back to getting these accounts finalised.

Take care everyone, be good and go safely.

TFTD : It may sound strange, but, many champions are made champions by setbacks
(Maybe I should have read this on Monday !!)


Blogger Kate said...

Happy birthday for your lovely girl tomorrow! Hope you all have a lovely day :-)

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Linda

Thanks for your support on my site.

Hey a hint - when typing your journal do it in notepad, or word, so you can save it. Then you can just copy and paste it into your blog. (I learnt that one from Lynda from NZ).

Do you have any stats on your page about yoru weight and where you want to be?


7:30 AM  
Blogger Me said...

Hi Leigh
Thanks for that - I will definitely be doing it that way in the future - it is so frustrating to lose it all and then have to try to think what you said in the original one.
I don't have any stats etc on my page because I have no idea about websites or how to set anything up - consequently, I was very proud just to get what I have got going - and I must say that without Lynda's help I don't know if I would have even got this far.
My stats are as follows :
Height : 167cm
SW : 86.1 kg
CW : 75.4 kg
GW : 67 kg
I have a friend whose son builds websites and I need to get my act together to ask him to help me get it looking like I would like - I just need to find the time !
Thanks for your hint - take care and have a great day !

8:27 AM  
Blogger M said...

I was a bit lucky this morning. Blogger killed my entry but the recovery did work *whew*. Thanks for the tip about doing it in notepad.

Well done on your points. Have a great day :)

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...

Just caught up on your journal. Sorry to hear that you had a bad week weight wise, but pleased to hear that you haven't given up. I know that there has many times I've wondered why bother - but we get there in the end. Hope your daughter has a great birthday!

1:40 PM  

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