Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh no .....

the "scale gods" are out to get me !!! I jumped (well stepped is probably closer to the truth!) onto the scales this morning only to find that they are up 0.8 from yesterday. After only having 1 little piece of birthday cake (which I counted into my points for the day and my sugar points for the week) and a couple of Smarties (same story there) I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed. I know that having clothes that are getting looser / too big for me and people telling me how much I have lost do go a long way towards making me feel okay with what the scales say BUT I SO WANT to see the result ON THE SCALES as well !!! I think what makes it even worse is that this is the first week in three that I haven't sabotaged my journey - so I am "not happy Jan" - will wait to see what the scales say tonight although with the differences I have had to my scales at home I am definitely not holding my breath that I am going to show anything but a gain there. What else is there to do but continue with what I am doing and hope that it shows up somewhere down the track. I have even had just over 1L if water this morning when I am very pleased about.
I need to get back into using the gym at home - my back has been killing me this weekend and I think that using the gym was definitely helping to strengthen my back muscles and prevent the sore backs I have been having for so long now. (Mental note to self - get organised and plan to fit it in rather than just hoping to find the time to use the gym)
As you can imagine, after her big weekend, Kaitlin was rather grumpy this morning when I woke her up to go to school and asked if she could stay at home because she was tired - yeah right like I would let her not go to school if she wasn't sick. She is very sad that we don't have 'catch up' days in our household - seems like her friends can have 'catch up' days at home when they don't feel like going to school !!!!!
Well am off to carry on working and then off to weigh tonight - will let you know how I went when I journal tomorrow. Take care, have a great week and be good to yourself - you are all special and deserve to be treated as such !

TFTD : If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.


Blogger Mary said...

Mmm, are your scales accurate is what I'm thinking? 1 little piece of bday cake and a couple of smarties can't really make that much of a difference can it? Maybe check your tracking. You seem to be drinking your water fine. Maybe more exercise is needed but if you have a sore back, please get it checked out just to make sure it'll be okay. This is probably just one of those weird plateau periods. Let us know how you go and you have to be good to yourself too now. No sabotage or I'll be hassling :-)

5:39 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

See how your weigh in goes, may be better than you thought? I hope so. Not fair when the scales don't reflect your effots. Are you taking your measurements though? I can't remember. I'm with Kaitlin on the staying home thing, lol! I think mental health days are essential once in a while, but I guess if she is tired from having fun rather than being stressed then it's quite different. :-)

10:01 PM  
Blogger M said...

Morning Linda. The scales can be your best friend and worst friend all at the same time. If you tracked all week and counted everything, and your body still posts a gain, it is just doing something silly. Don't throw it in. I had a gain when I tracked and counted and I kept going and the next week had a huge loss. So remember that it is journey of many steps and sometimes you have to step up to climb down. I sound like such a dag. Even more now for using the word dag ;)
Have a brilliant day

10:09 AM  

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