Monday, May 23, 2005

I feel thinner now ...

(sung to the tune of "I feel better now" from the Medibank ad !!) Woke up this morning feeling thinner – maybe it is because this weekend I pulled on my size 14 jeans AND THEY FITTED (and I could sit down in them too) so proudly wore them to my brother and sister-in-laws place for dinner on Saturday night. It's amazing how having control makes you feel so positive and so confident about what you can achieve - where is that bottle so I can keep it on hand for when I don't feel so positive !!! (Like maybe tonight after I have weighed !!!!)
Our plans from Friday changed when our friends couldn’t make it to afternoon tea and we went to my in-laws for dinner instead of them coming to us. Made good choices when I was there – no nibblies (it is so hard to stop once you get started on the chips / biscuits and dip) and then chicken, some salad and a little potato bake with a small slice of break and some butter scraped on. Heather had an apple cake from the local French bakery with cream / ice-cream. All I could think about was that sitting on my thighs and I said no ! I know that I could have had some but really didn’t feel like it – before I would have had at least one helping just because it was there and I knew that if I really felt like some I would have had some and still been within my points for the day and my sugar points for the week.
Yesterday we took my folks to Southbank to see the markets and then caught up with our friend whose husband has leukaemia – it was great to see her for a while although Kim still isn’t doing very well. She is an absolute star and is coping well under the circumstances. Dad bought us all a NZ ice-cream – we all had the choco-lite cone – it really is such yummy ice-cream ! Then I had Subway for lunch and last night when we got home Al was talking about pizza – I luuuuuuuuuuuuv pizza but didn’t have enough points. So then he said that they wouldn’t have and I said that it wasn’t fair that they didn’t have something because I couldn’t have it and that I was happy to have a WW frozen meal and they could have the pizza. So that was what we did – I didn’t even really want some when they brought it home – Al heated my meal up so that it was ready when they got home and we all ate together so I didn’t have to really sit there and watch them eat the pizza while I had nothing. Then when we were watching NCIS I had a couple of those little Mars Lite bars which I keep in the freezer – much better than having had the apple cake the night before !!!!!
I finished the AJ Rochester book – it made such good reading and she really does put a lot of things into perspective. Won’t get into that now as this is long enough already but if you get a chance to read it – take the time – you will get so much out of it. The one thing which came through strongly for me – like her, I have a bit of the absolutes – I am 100% committed to being good or to being dreadful !!!! Not much middle ground for me – something which I am slowly changing. Just because you ate something you shouldn’t have, doesn’t mean you can’t get back onto the healthy way of eating straight away – one bad choice does not have to turn into a huge binge !!!! Certainly something to make me think about what I do the next time I make a bad choice !!

TFTD : Destiny is not a matter of change, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.


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Finally found your new site...bummed I'd been missing it all this time :)
I'll be a regular from now on though!!
Cheers P

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