Thursday, April 10, 2008

A point post

Have a few things to talk about so thought I would put them in point form (only because I am short of time - again !!)
1. I resigned from my job as accountant at the school and have accepted the position of finance manager at a private hospital which includes 4 day clinics - start my new position on 23rd April.
2. Lost 1.0kg this week at WW but didn't deserve it - my body is playing mind games with me and not giving me the results I am expecting - a bad week does not normally see a loss of 1kg especially seeing as it was preceded by 2 bad weeks after Easter.
3. I was really good over Easter - the half price Easter eggs AFTER Eater were the killer and then the downward spiral started from there.
4. My studies are going well - I did really well in both practical assignments and topped the class in the written exam. I am now doing anatomy and physiology and it is doing my head in. Because it is such a concentrated course, we cover an extreme amount of work in 3 hours - doing this on a Monday and Wednesday night means that I spend the first half of the week trying to get my head around what is being taught and the second half of the week trying to go over it all so that I have half an idea of what he was talking about when I go to lectures the following week. Plus there is HEAPS of homework and lots of colouring in of our anatomy book.
5. K is on holiday although it has turned out to be more of a working holiday than a rest holiday - she has homework for every one of her subjects as well as going to extra maths for 3hrs per day for 3 days of the holiday.
6. Other than that - everything else is pretty much the same old same old - battling to get any exercise done, have days of drinking water and other days when I don't drink any just as I have days of watching what I eat and then days when I don't. I need to get my act together and get these last kilos off - I know I can do it and I need to stop sabotaging my plans.

Take care everyone and be good !


Blogger Carlton said...

Wow Me so much is happening in your life right now. Just remember to keep looking after yourself and things will happen. Hope you have a good week this week. A new job how exciting. I too am thinking of resigning and looking for a new job, big decision as I've worked for this company for 21 years.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Sounds like a lot going on for you!

Good luck with the new job, really exciting for you.

10:03 AM  
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