Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Still feeling good !

I didn’t get a chance to post over the weekend – just too much on the go !!!! Friday I spent most of the day trying to do our tax returns (not 100% successful) but now at least mostly done. Then it was pottering around with A in the garden.

Saturday morning saw us laying the weedmat down in the front yard only to realise that we forgot how we measured it and so landed up being short with the way we had cut some of them. So off to the shops to buy some more as well as a couple of little things for A for Father’s Day. We also stopped off for muffins and then it was home to finish the weedmat. We landed up working from 5-10pm on Saturday night which will be really good when we get paid this week as we had two 5 hr shifts this past week !!!!

Sunday morning saw us walking to the little place around the corner from us for breakfast – I definitely ate too much (toasted bacon sandwich, two hash browns and finished off with an ice-cream on the walk back home !!!) Needless to say I did not eat any lunch and only had ½ piece of chicken thigh and veggies for dinner !!!! After getting home we got stuck into moving the stones from next to the garage where they have been sitting since about February last year, across the driveway and into the front yard. Two and a half hours saw some change in the pile of stones but not as much as I would have liked !!!! We stopped mid-afternoon as we have both been getting really sore feet at work at night so went off in search of new runners – I was lucky enough to find a pair at the AMart All Sports sale but A wasn’t as successful.

My weight is moving in the right direction – just goes to show – cut down on the portion sizes and limit the junk I eat and it does come off !!!! Who would have thunk it ????? The best thing is that I am starting to be able to pull out clothes which I haven’t worn for ages and fit into them !!!! I am not at the point where I stop and look at myself in a window and think “Is that really me ? “ – it is more a case of “Is my butt really still that big ?” – but at least I can glance in the window now rather that putting my head down and denying the fact that my butt and tummy had grown to unacceptable proportions. I am really enjoying the freedom of counting calories although I did come a little unstuck with the Powerade we take to work at night – I read 64cal and thought “That’s not too bad – I can count that in each day” – then last night I actually read the label – 64cal PER SERVE – 2.4 SERVES per bottle !!!! Bugger – not so economical to take to work each night and drink a whole bottle !!!! Maybe I will have to get some diet cordial and take that in instead. Water will just not cut it – at that time of the night I just can’t face water having made so much effort at work during the day to keep the water going down (and out !!) – it’s amazing how much more water I drink when I want to have a Coke Zero !!! I have been only having 1 Coke Zero a day at work (and then one at home in the evenings) which is a huge accomplishment for me. I wonder if they have Coke Zero in Spain – would hate to have to drink Diet Coke or even worse real Coke- the kgs could really pile on if that happens. Mind you – I can’t see that I am going to be too in love with their food – unless, like Taiwan, they have amazing bakeries which would just be my total downfall – EXCEPT for the fact that we have limited funds so maybe we will do the two meals a day thing and try to get in lots of extra walking.

We have just come in from moving stones again - the difference today is that the sun wasn't shining - it is cold, windy and raining but 40 mins of moving stones we did !!!! Al has just finished his shower and I am going to get out the wet clothes and get warm.

Have a great evening and take care !


Blogger Kt said...

I think the have coke zero in spain - it was just coming out in Europe when i was there. Or they might have coca cola light - different again!

7:51 PM  
Blogger M said...

Who would have thunk it!! LOL.

With all that stone lifting too your arms would be so toned.

Bloody tricky serving sizes. This is an area I still get tripped up on sometimes but I am being more and more careful in reading the numbers.

It is so GREAT that you are still feeling good. And so you should be.

Yaaaay- just noticed the Exercise Log. I think this is a great idea (of course LOL) and I am hoping, like you, that it will motivate me to make sure I do 'on purpose' exercise more often than not.

Good luck to us both :)

9:16 AM  
Blogger M said...

We have a long weekend this weekend so I am going to wish you a good weekend now.

I will see if I can call you next Tuesday if the Bosses aren't in :)

3:03 PM  
Blogger M said...

Have a good flight on Sunday Linda. All the best for you and A & K and just have a wonderful, wonderful time.

Mark has been in Brisbane over the last two days so if you see any messy recycling bins - it is HIS fault LOL..

Talk to you when you get back xx

3:57 PM  

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