Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another good day !

We have had a busy couple of days. Sunday was the last day for softball as they were knocked out in the semi-finals – they should have won but they didn’t play well enough on the day. While K had a good game at 3rd base – nobody hit very well and the few hits they got were not all at the same time. Their pitchers threw too many walks and when you have bodies on bases – they do tend to score runs !!! Anyway, thank goodness the long trek twice is week is over for this season.

K has seen the light about not playing summer ball – while I know it would be good for her to keep it up during summer, between school, working, school sport and her new schools requirements / expectations for the students in 2008, she has come to the conclusion that it probably isn’t the best thing to do – YAY !!!!!

The orientation day on Saturday was really good – it certainly answered a lot of questions I had and I am a lot more positive about K making the move next year than I was prior to going there. The facilities are going to be amazing - $40m facility for (at the max) 450 students per year !!!!! At least we will see something for our tax dollars now instead of the few Medicare claims we put in !! Yesterday I spoke to Sharon (the lady who coached K at softball for the schools softball side) – she worked with the principal of K’s new school and she couldn’t speak highly enough of her – it has just given me so much more confidence that we have made the right decision. Sharon was sooooooooo excited that K had been selected for this programme.

Yesterday K had sports training until 5pm so I brought my walking gear and A and I went for a walk around the local area while we were waiting for K to finish. I felt really good that I had done that because I know I wouldn’t have worried to go walking when we got home. Tonight I am going to walk down to the local sports fields and do my 8 sec run 12 sec walk thing again for 20 mins. Hopefully my leg will be OK after the rest that I have given it this past week.

Today is my last day of Lite ‘n Easy – I have been happy with my weight loss on this programme and feel that my head is in the right space to manage my eating. I have bought a calorie counter book and am going to try to do the calorie counting thing – whether it will work or not will be seen over the next couple of weeks. We do have a couple of functions on before we leave which I guess are always a challenge in themselves – but I would be happy if I could limit the amount of damage that I do rather than trying to make my life completely unliveable by not wanting to participate in anything in case food is involved and I can’t handle it. A & K had pizza last night and it really didn’t even worry me that I wasn’t eating any – I know that isn’t always going to be the case but I was surprised and how I didn’t even feel like I wanted a piece or two on top of my dinner.

I was looking at myself in the mirror last night and I am starting to see some changes which is great. Like all of us, a gazillion times over, we want to lose weight and we want it off over night but, as we all know, it doesn’t happen like that and sometimes we become despondent about how far we still have to go. I am trying to take it 5kgs at a time – last week I got to below the weight I wanted to be and so could bring out my jewellery to wear again – I haven’t worn anything apart from a thin chain and my wedding ring since the beginning of the year – it feels so good to have the rest of it on again !!! I know that I am still a long way off my goal but fitting into clothes a little more easily or even being able to wear clothes I haven’t worn for a while is good. That shows me that at least I am moving in the right direction and if the scale doesn’t always show a downward movement – fitting into my clothes really is more important than that number between my feet.

I have just got back from my walk / run tonight - it was great. A and I used to walk down to the local sports field - run 1/2 soccer field walk 1 soccer field (apparently it is exertion 8 secs - slower 12 secs but we found it easier to do it by the length of the kids soccer field) - tonight I ran 2 soccers fields, walked 2 soccer fields for 20 mins and then walked home after that - YAY for me !!

Am off to have dinner, shower and get into work as we are working an earlier shift tonight.

Take care everyone and have a great day tomorrow - for those on the Gold Coast - enjoy the long weekend !!!!


Blogger CaramelKitKat said...

Great news about K's school, but in all honesty, smart, balanced kids will do well anywhere. She'll be fine.

If you're looking at counting calories (which I have found great as there are no tricks, nothing to tweak in order to buy yourself extra chocolate etc.) I cannot recommend Calorie King highly enough. It's free, you can visually track carbs, protein and fat, as well as calories, and the list of foods to choose from is extensive and easy to use. There is a function for recording calories used through exercise, but I don't use this as it removes them from my food diary. Instead I record this in the bog section. It takes no more than 10min each day.

7:48 PM  
Blogger B said...

Linda, well done, you sound so motivated right now. It must feel great to have all your jewellery back on again too.
Keep up the good work honey.

9:00 PM  
Blogger M said...

Well done Linda. I am like you and am only going to look at the weight loss in small chunks and measure it against the clothes I have. There will be no better feeling than getting back into the clothes I have had to leave hanging for the last year...

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the time away from work. I agree that the calorie counting is a good step as it doesn't tie into any progame and is all based on calories in v calories out.

I second CKK re Calorie King if you have the time to set it up. Its a great system.

Talk to you soon.
M xx

9:37 AM  
Blogger Lee-Anne said...

You've got your fire back girl. I'm starting to rev myself up again lately. I think knowing spring is just around the corner is certainly giving me an extra huge boost.

Keep on walking and have a great weekend.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Kt said...

yay for seeing the changes :) often other people notice but don't say anything, then we are left wondering if we really are losing weight, when you can notice yourself its pretty awesome :)
Sounds like you are doing well with your exercise too.
Keep up the good work Linda and have a great week!

5:40 PM  
Blogger M said...

Re the exercise list - absolutely. Smaller Sue has done one too though a little differently. I like both and will stick to this way for now and see how it goes. I am a bit excited and hope that it will carry me on. I am even contemplating doing an exercise video tonight!! Now that will be a first.

Your family photos are gorgeous. I love the yukka's and the tiling is superb. What a lovely home..

6:37 PM  

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