Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not the best day I've had

Well - today wasn't the best day I've had - two people not in at work and me running my big butt off trying to make sure that everything that has to be done, is done. I did manage to eat my allocated food for the day but I also snuck in a Picnic bar when I was feeling absolutely down and out at 3pm.

The good thing is that even with the crappy weather, I went for a 50 min really hard walk when I got home from work and then did some weight work on my arms so I feel that all is not lost for the day. I am just about ready to go to work and if I really push myself for the whole shift, can notch up a few more calorie burning hours for the day.

So good to hear from you Bri - am looking forward to catching up on all that has been happening in your life - lotsa hugs to you !!

Take care everyone and have a great day !


Blogger M said...

OK - it was only one Picnic bar. And you were really great on the exercise. Take a deep breath and remember what you are aiming for.

Bad days like this do happen - and do knock you for six, but one day is OK. You have done a great job over the last 4 weeks and you know what to do. Perhaps taking some 'treat' bags into work will help stave off that chocky-hit..

Hope you have a great weekend :-)

M xx


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