Saturday, August 25, 2007

A great day !

Today was a great day - I didn't get to eat my lunch (we landed up parking the car miles away from where we were and it was pouring at lunch time so I just had a chicken sandwich with everyone else) but I am having a 'good' dinner even though A&K have just gone to get Big Chief burgers !!!!

I am really pleased that we went to the information day today - it certainly cleared things up for me as well as making me feel more positive about the move for K than I was yesterday. I have heard a few negative comments from people and was starting to doubt our decision but, since the info session this morning, I am much more inclined to say we have made the right decision. I guess it is one of those where we will only know in time to come.

I did manage to get a fair bit of walking in - the lecture theatre we were in wasn't really close to where morning tea and lunch were held so we had a couple of hikes up some hills to get there each time. I took a mandarin in my bag for morning tea and was going to get my lunch out the car until it started to pour about 5 mins before lunch time - decided I would rather have the chicken sandwich and stay dry than get soaked and have my correct lunch. When it was time to leave we walked across Smith St to where they are building the new campus for QA - $40m worth of campus for a maximum of 450 students at any one time. It seems like a lot of money to me - part of me is happy that quite possibly we are going to actually see something that our tax $ go towards paying for !!!!!! We will still have the expense of a school uniform as well as either a laptop / slate / tablet - they are busy with the specs and putting those out to tender so I guess we are still in for a far few $ before the year starts. While it will be costly to start - we would have incurred those same expenses - not the laptop - at the school where K is now as they have a different uniform for year 11 and 12 anyway. I would imagine that the mark-up at QA will be a lot less hefty than her current school.

The only downside to the day was this morning when I got out the shower I found that the outlet pipe was blocked and had come up through that waste pipe in the middle of the bathroom - bugger !!!! Luckily I have an EXTREMELY handy man as a husband (whose father was a plumber) so when we got home this afternoon he was out there digging and replacing pipes broken by roots. The good thing about this time - the same thing happened earlier this year in K's bathroom - is that he doesn't have the frame on his leg anymore so can easily climb in and out of holes and dig to his hearts content. The last time he had the frame on his leg and got stuck in the hole that he had dug and couldn't get out and we had to call my folks to come and help get him out the hole !!!!! We laughed about it today but it definitely wasn't a laughing matter when it happened especially as we were battling with infections in his leg and getting all the sand in it didn't help one little bit.

Tomorrow we are off to Redlands Bay (weather permitting) for the semi-finals of the U16 softball season - quite possibly our second to last Sunday morning of having the long trek up and down !!!! I will make sure my breakfast and lunch are all organised before I go to bed tonight - really need to keep on track these last couple of weeks before we leave.

Well I hear the garage door going up so I had better be on my way - have a great Sunday everyone and take care !


Blogger Kt said...

hey Linda,

Just had a bit of a catch up, so good to see you blogging again. I've started again too, back at my old blogspot address.
Sounds like you are getting on top of things, which is fantastic, We don't have light and easy in NZ, bu it sunds like it is working for you!

11:57 AM  
Blogger B said...

You're doing really well Linda. Good on you. I think I might look into L&E, M is right - if you take into account the junk we buy it's probably the same cost anyway - and we're worth it!!
Hope you had a good day at the softball today.

6:07 PM  
Blogger M said...

What a difference a good weekend makes. I think that school sounds great and with K being as intelligent as she is, she will need a school that challenges her. And in regards to the extra $, not sure what to suggest other than we both need to get our copies of the secret out again!

Hope you won the softball. :)

10:54 AM  

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