Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where did the 4 days go to ?

Well, I just knew that before I had blinked twice the 4 days would be gone and that is exactly what it felt like but it was good to have the time off. Not that I did what I planned to do - a few chores around the house, some grocery shopping and some entertaining. I did no exercise. I did manage to eat my 2 x Easter Bunnies (good chocolate) and 1 x Easter egg (also good chocolate) as well as some little solid eggs before I went to bed yesterday so that they weren't calling me from the fridge this morning. I also ate some lovely hot Hot-X buns which K brought home from work. I am not beating myself up over these treats - I thoroughly enjoyed them and I know that I will pay for them over the next week but at least I didn't eat them and then regret having eaten them !!!!!
I have to confess to having withdrawal symptoms today as, scale whore that I am, I jumped on the scales this morning (actually it was more a gingerly step but you get the idea) and found that I weighed - NOTHING !!! The batteries were flat and, not having two spare watch batteries lying around the house - I have no idea of the damage from the weekend. I am in two minds about what to do - A's frame is coming off on Thursday and we have a HUGE celebratory dinner planned for either Thursday or Friday depending on how he is feeling plus a couple of eating outings on the weekend - do I get back on track for two days (well one day actually as today has been shot to pieces already) or should I just put it all to one side until next week. My head is saying "Do what you can in the mean time as it will mean less work in the long run" but my heart is saying "Stuff it all - it is just all too hard - leave it until you are in the right frame of mind" but what if next week I am not in the right frame of mind and it blows out another week and then another ? Tonight I will try to sit down and come up with a plan of attack - I work better when I have a plan as I am more organised and better prepared.
Well, my lunch 1/2 hour is over and I had better get back to work - take care and have a great week !
PS - on a much happier note I walked past some jeans on the weekend which were on sale and I went and tried a couple of pairs on and landed up buying a pair a size smaller than what I have been wearing for a while now - YAY !!!!!


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