Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only one more sleep to go

As the title says - only one more sleep until A's frame is off - forever !!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!! Having said that, after being through the whole plaster of paris thing for 18 months the last time, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this option to anyone who has the choice between a spatial frame or plaster of paris.
I have decided that, while I am not quite back to being 'back on track', I am not going to sabotage myself by being Miss Piggy until I do get back on track. So, I am not counting points etc but I am limiting my intake of food which is not conducive to losing weight - whether that is solid little easter eggs, extra cheese on my sandwich or an extra shake of the muesli container into my breakfast bowl. If I can do that until next week I will be a happy little veggiemite.
We did manage to get batteries for the scale last night (although had to go to three shops to find the blasted things) and I hopped on this morning and received a very pleasant surprise of 74.8kgs. I was certainly not expecting to see a number as low as that but I have steeled myself to the very real possibility that this number will go up before it starts to come down again. Never mind - I have no regrets and I will continue to do the best that I can in the circumstances over the next few days. Tomorrow morning will be easy - I won't eat anything until A is taken through to theatre - after that, I will make sure I have Coke Zero's to keep my mouth occupied while I wait for him to come out.
Have a great day and take care !


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