Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's official

I am back to dicking around !!!! BUGGER – I was supposed to be back ontrack and getting my act together. I have a million reasons (excuses???) about why I am doing what I am doing (or should that be notdoing what I should be doing) but it all boils down to not beingprepared, not being organised, not planning in advance what I need andwhat I am doing, and, this past week, a lack of exercise.

Over the past weekend I spent most of Saturday and Sunday up and downthe scaffolding while I was filling holes and painting the safeets onthe verandah. My legs, back and arms certainly knew that I had donesomething out of the ordinary. It landed up being a bit of a rush jobbecause the tiler said he could start and I had to get the paintingdone before he put the new pavers down otherwise I would have justjinxed myself into spilling paint on them once they were laid. He isdoing a fantastic job and while it is probably turning out to be alittle more expensive than we had originally thought – it willdefinitely be worth the money once it is finished. I will post somepics once it is all done.We have also got some rain water tanks. We weren't going to go withthe tanks but then Al decided that it would be the right thing to doso we landed up with 4 x 500l tanks – two at the back of the house andtwo down the side of the house. The two for the side of the house aretemporarily connected outside our bedroom as the stones from the frontyard are currently down the side of the house and there is only roomfor stones or tanks – not both. We have had some good rain lately andAl looked last night and the tanks closest to the bedroom are full.The tanks at the back of the house were only connected after so theyaren't as full and Al ran the hose from the full tanks to the emptytanks so that we could fill them and not lose any water as the temptanks have no overflow except out into the garden at this stage. Thetiler was very pleased as Al said he could use that water when cuttingthe tiles – actually I am very happy as that will mean less waterusage for us to pay for.My eating has been ordinary to say the least. Too many nights ofgetting home late from work, or working too long outside and thencoming inside and not being bothered to cook. I was also sillybecause I bought a packet of Cinnamon Crunch biscuits (I haven't hadthose in ages) on the understanding (yeah right) that I would onlyhave two at a time and only two per day. Not sure who I was trying tokid with that – there is no point in eating those if you don't eat atleast 4-6 in a sitting. Consequently, the packet didn't last morethan a couple of days. The good thing is that (for now) I will not bebuying anymore because I know that they are evil when they are in thecupboard !!!! Maybe I should use CKK's theory and break them all upbecause, as she very kindly reminded me, broken biscuits don't haveany calories in them !!!! We went to get some groceries last nightand Al was good enough to buy chocolate that I don't like so there isno chance of me eating any of it.I can't remember if I have mentioned this – our plans to Canada havefallen through due to some tragic change in circumstances for ourfriends in Canada. So we are now exploring the world to see whichcountry we will go to visit instead. We have a couple underconsideration – will let you know more when we are a little closer toknowing for sure.

Something else is official today – I am a little piggy !!!! I havestarted to eat in secret again and I HAVE TO STOP NOW !!!!! That ishow I put on so much weight in the first place. I went across toColes this afternoon and bought a mint flake which I ate on the wayback to school. As I was walking along I realised that on more andmore occasions I was eating in secret - when there was no-one aroundto see how much I ate. I think that a level of complacency has creptinto my life-style change – I have not been as diligent as I was atthe beginning of the year with regards to what I eat, how I track, howmuch exercise I do or how much water I drink. I need to make a mentaladjustment NOW to get back to where I was so that I can continue tolose weight – I DON"T want to go away on holiday looking like a little(big ?) porker. I have some time up my sleeve but not enough to dillydally around like I have been doing.

I will make these changes now – today – and tomorrow I will continueto do the best that I possibly can. While I know that I can be toohard on myself sometimes – I think this is the time when I just need agood kick in the jack so make me knuckle down and get on with what Ineed to do. It isn't as though it is rocket science – less caloriesin and more exercise done, will produce a leaner me – one who is happywith how I look and is proud to get up and get dressed in the morning.I am going to attempt to post this via e-mail – but it may not work inwhich case I don't know when anyone will read this because it is likea bun-fight to get onto the computer at home.

Have a great week everyone and take care !

TFTD : Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alonein the light.

TIAGF : The realisation that I am slipping back into old ways and theability to change my attitude

(This is the last time I try to blog via e-mail - something must have changed and until I find out what it is I'm not going to continue with this - it is ridiculous !!)


Blogger Anne said...

Rain water is our sole water supply here (only because we are in the country not the city) We have 2 x 5,000 litre tanks. Have had to buy water a couple of times but mostly we get through.

I try not to buy food I know I can't resist and if I have to it gets put right back in the pantry. Old habits are hard to break sometimes.

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