Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shopping success !!!

Last night I thought I wouldn't worry about trying to find new pants in a smaller size because I doubt I will stay at this weight for long. This morning I was thinking about it and thought that there isn't any reason why I shouldn't maintain at this weight and, if I had clothes that fitted, it would be so much nicer than wearing my bigger pants. Sorry Kate - just can't do the belt thing !!

Anyway, popped across to Australia Fair at lunch and found two pairs of pants - one pair at Katies and one pair at K-Mart - both on sale for a total cost of $30 !!!! I definitely can't complain about that can I. So I now have two nice new pairs of pants for the weekend (and for afterwards as well) and I can get my packing just about finished tonight.

Have a great day and take care !

TFTD : Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond our grasp, but which, if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

TIAGF : Being able to work on being more positive about what is happening around me

Update : K is mortified that we are both wearing the same size pants now. How can that be when she in 13 and I am 40 ???? She thinks that I should put on some weight so that I am a bigger size than her - yeah right - like I am going to put on weight for that reason !!!! There may be a lot of reasons why the scales go up but I can promise you, it won't be for that one !!!


Blogger Lee-Anne said...

hey mate. Sorry I have been so busy and haven't had time to email. You go shopping girl. What the hell. Enjoy, don't set yourself up with a defeatish attitude. You are doing amazing. I really envy your upcoming weekend. Wish I could be there. You have an absolute blast. And maybe a glass or two for me.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Briony said...

Yay for smaller pants and bigger Yay for being the same size as K. Sounds like her nose is really put out!
I'm sure you'll look fantastic and very skinny in your new teeny pants.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Hehe, I wouldn't ever wear a belt either!!

Yay for successful skinny shopping!

8:37 PM  
Blogger M said...

Hello there. WOW have you been busy this week. I have had a lot of blogger / internet trouble too so have not been able to get into everyone's blogs.

Whooo hooo for your loss. That is great. I think you must have really kicked your metabolism into gear with worrying about work, and A, and K, and it is burning food faster than you think it is.

LMAO that K is cross at you for being the same size as her. What a problem to have. Soon she will realise the benefits when she can start stealing, I mean borrowing your clothes.

Well done that you went and bought clothes. You are right. Why can't you stay at this size. You have worked really hard at it and you are maintaining /losing still and I think you have worked things out well enough in your head that if you have too much to eat in one day you fix it up over the next couple. You won't go back to where you were. You have a support network now and we won't let you :D

2 sleeps to go.. Whooo Hooooo. I am taking Friday off work so I can go shopping and buy flowers and potter around. I will have to focus so that I don't get too excited and do nothing all day..

Oh, and I may be bringing a little 4 year old friend with me to the airport. He may be asleep, but he desperately wants to come and pick you up.

Have a great night Linda. See you soon :D

9:01 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Maybe K could think about the fact that she can now borrow your clothes...

6:06 AM  
Blogger Yummy Mummy said...

Well done... very sweet taste - smaller pants and they where on special!!
Have a fantastic weekend and travel safely!!

7:42 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

LOL you sure know how to find a bargain :-)

11:24 AM  

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