Monday, May 30, 2005

Am I sick ????

Got to work this morning and the bosses are back but their offices are a bit of a mess as the builders were in over the weekend knocking walls down and they haven’t finished what they were supposed to have finished – anyway, doesn’t affect our office so am not too worried.
But, sat down to work and after having my required 1L of water before having a DP – I opened the DP and the first taste was awful – my first thought was – I must be sick (because you know how nothing tastes right when you are sick) – but now, a few more mouthfuls into the drink it is starting to taste like it should. Oh no, have I got to the point where water tastes better than DP ??????????????
Feeling a bit bloated today – am not too sure why as I was down on my points yesterday although it was so cold and windy at Paradise Point my idea of the BBQ was good just the timing was out !!! Will have to do it earlier in the day when we do it again as it was a little too miserable to be totally enjoyable. I didn’t eat as much as I could have as it was warmer to keep my hands in my pockets rather than take them out to eat !!!! But, it got us out the house for a while and K had a great time in the playground. I pushed her on the swings for a while and then she was sitting on the see-saw and I was using my legs to be the other side for her – she made sure to tell me to swop legs so that I didn’t only work the one leg !!!
No, having now finished the can of DP I can definitely say that I still think that DP tastes better than water !!
I will be off to weigh tonight although am a little apprehensive about what the scales will say – the good thing is that I have done the best that I can and maybe I am getting to the space where the scales aren’t the be all and end all and if I am fitting into clothes better I will be happy with whatever they say. (Well I like to think that I am there but I probably am not so I do hope that the scale gods are good to me tonight !!)
Had been thinking that I would stay for the meeting tonight but have just heard from Al that we are working 8-1am so won’t be able to stay anyway. Thank goodness for all of you and your journals – I think that it one of the reasons why I have got as far as I have this time – there is always plenty of inspiration for me out there if I haven’t managed to stay for the meeting and I can get it every day – not only on a Monday night !!!!!!
Take care everyone and have a great day - you all rock !

TFTD : How many a (wo)man has thrown up his(er) hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience, would have achieved success ?


Blogger Emily said...

I love my diet coke, and it will ALWAYS taste better than water! Only problem is that it makes me pee a lot more when I mix the two! Have you ever noticed that, or am I just crazy???

3:51 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hehe..yeah, you're sick ;-) Good luck with weigh in tonight. Either way you've been doing really well this last week. You should be proud of yourself!

5:13 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Lol - are you sure you aren't pregnant? :-) Love the thought of the day - reminds me of me every night trying to put Amelia to bed - when I get to the stage of throwing up my hands and bringing her back out to the lounge, if I just keep trying for a few mins more, it's usually what does the trick. Good luck for weigh in!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anne said...

Good luck with your weigh in!! Keep up with the water! That is the right attitude about doing the best you can and not letting the scales be the be all and end all. You are doing just great:)

7:07 AM  

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