Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McWhinge Day

Today is McWhinge day for me - I don't want to be at work, I have a headache that isn't getting any better, I don't want to HAVE to work every day - I'd like to work because I want to not because I have to. And, I am tired of being fat - not tired enough to get motivated and eat correctly - just tired enough to want to moan about it and then move on !!!
On top of it, I feel like such a fraud - I heard today that I came 3rd in Jodie's 10 week challenge which I started at the beginning of the year. She mailed me yesterday to tell me and ask me which book I would like as a prize and, while I did reply, I do feel like a fraud - not because I didn't put the hard work in in the first place but because it has all gone to pot now and I can't even seem to stay on track for a week. During the week I am not too bad, managing to snuffle enough points each night for dinner, but on the weekends, I am just shocking.
I know what I need to do - jeez, on Thursday I even did it - I resisted the temptation to eat just for the sake of eating. I made the decision that I didn't need the Tim Tams and I didn't have them. How come I can't do that the rest of the time ? Probably because I am not organised, I haven't sorted out meals for the week (at least having some clue about what is for dinner earlier than 5pm would be a start) and I am lazy. My mojo is gone and I want it back.
We have booked our tickets for overseas but that doesn't seem to be enough motivation for me - possibly because I keep forgetting that they are booked. Maybe I need to have a big posted in the kitchen - REMEMBER YOUR HOLIDAY !!! Maybe that would stop me picking at the food in the fridge and in the cupboard.
At least I have got it off my chest and now I can get back to work having eaten my Oxo sandwich for lunch and not gone to Coles to see what I could buy from there. Which, of course would have been eaten before I got back to work so that nobody knew that I had eaten it because, as we all know, what we eat in secret doesn't have to get counted into our points for the day - NOT !!!!!
Have a great day everyone and take care !


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