Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bugger - have been typing for ages when our financial service called and asked me to check something out and I lost the whole post !!!!!
I am going to try this to see how it works (and looks) as it would be more convenient to use this for my blog - sort of like one stop shopping for me. Plus, at this stage, this site hasn't been blocked by the IT guys. I know that work actually pay me to work which is one of the reasons I have not blogged as much as I used to.
We are off shortly to collect our dearest darling from the airport. I am sure that we will stop for something to eat along the way and then, I have to get back on track before the losses I have had since the beginning of the year start to disappear !!!! I HAVE to have these kilos off before we go on holiday.
We had a great weekend away - even if it was too busy, there was too much food and it was too hot (mind you I wasn't expecting anything less) !!! I was very pleased that I had 3 pairs of boardies to wear - they all fitted and were comfortable to sit around in all day - YAY for old fat clothes that I didn't get rid of !!! Our dearest darling didn't do badly in the tournament - we do realise that she is going to have to change the club she plays for if she wants to continue playing softball at a higher level but we will sort that all out soon. She certainly didn't let the side down which is what she was really worried about. Here's hoping that the teenager we pick up from the airport has got rid of the snotty attitude she had before she left and comes home with the realisation that (a) she isn't the only child in the world that has chores to do, (b) while she may think the whole world revolves around her - it doesn't and (c) if she expects to see her 15th birthday she is going to have to pull finger !!!!
Take care everyone and have a great evening !
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