Monday, October 16, 2006

The best laid plans ....

Oh no – that probably isn't the right cliché to start with as that
would mean that I actually had a plan !!! Work wise I had lots of
plans for the weekend – unfortunately my planning skills did not
extend to my food for the weekend which is a pity because it is always
sad when you manage to keep it together during the week only to blow
it on the weekend. The good thing is that I am still showing a loss
for the week of 0.6 – not earth shattering but a downward move which
is at least going the right way.

Friday night dinner went off very well – I finally realised why the
dessert I have made so many times hasn't worked the last couple of
times – it helps if you read the correct quantities before adding the
ingredients. With the marinades on the chicken, the cheese sauce and
hot apple dessert and custard I probably didn't do as well as I could
have on that meal.

Saturday morning saw us up bright and early watching the USA baseball
playoffs when I remembered that the Mudgeeraba markets were on. They
have some good veggies on sale but even better are the donuts that
they sell. I am not a donut person but the donuts there are just
fantastic. I was in two minds about whether to go or not and in the
end decided that we needed some more veggies and so we went. Well we
got there too late to get much in the way of decent veggies and the
donuts were just about all sold out but there were still a few left –
K had a chocolate one, I had a custard one and Al had an apple danish
and then we shared a twisted donut between us. They were just
delicious. If you like donuts and you ever get the chance to go to
these markets – do yourself a favour – DON'T BUY THE DONUTS !!!!!!

This is not the best way to start your day from a food point of view
and it really set me up to have a shocking day. After some other
errands we stopped and got some turkish bread which we had for lunch
with cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo. After dropping K at work it
was back into the garden and the moving of another +-380 pavers – am I
ever going to get to the end of these damn pavers. I think there are
another 900 – 1000 which have to be moved before they are finally all
out of the way but that will only happen the week before the concreter
arrives. We went off to work with no dinner as we had run out of time
but when we got home I got stuck into the biscuits and then had some
left over dessert before going to bed.

Sunday morning saw us back in the garden this time digging trenches
for the additional drainage points that we now need according to the
guy who will be coming in to do the concreting. So lots of digging
and moving of current drainage pipes plus some weeding and moving of
pavers (about 60) saw me feeling about 100 years old last night.

On top of all of this the computer at home died completely. I was
getting just a little hysterical because all our photos are on there,
e-mal addresses, tax returns, letters to drs etc. Al was on the phone
a couple of times to a friend of ours who is a computer whiz and last
night after collecting K from work we picked up some pizzas (no lunch
eaten yesterday while working in the garden) and went around to their
house last night. Thank goodness he managed to get it re-started.
After sitting with the two computers next to each other he Googled the
messages that were coming up on our machine on his machine and they
managed to work their way through whatever the issues were and get it
up and running again. We got home and Al did whatever it was that was
recommended and then before going to bed he saved all our photos onto
a removable hard drive so at least those are safe for now. I have
said that while he is off he can make that one of his tasks to get
finished – sort out what we need to have on the computer, what can be
deleted and save the rest to the removable hard drive so that if
anything like this happens again, I don't have to get all upset over
what we would have lost if we couldn't revive the PC.

Needless to say with all the work accomplished above, I did not do any
walking – my legs were feeling much better although they are rather
tight today along with my back and arms aching but I know that is just
from the work done yesterday. The front of my legs aren't hurting at
all today so maybe a walk will be in order tonight.

I have a favour to ask – if any of you reading this could mention the
Bras for Breast Cancer promotion and either point people to my site so
that they can contact me if they have any bras they would like to
donate or ask them to e-mail me – that way more people will be reached
and more money can be raised. Thanks.

TFTD : Man can live for about forty days without food, about three
days without water, about eight minutes with air but only for one
second without hope.

TIAGF : No rain while we have had no facia boards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those donuts sound awesome, reading about them has made me feel like eating donuts now!! Hope the rain stays away for you. Our awning is finished but it's too dark to take photos. Will have to try in the morning. It looks great though!
I will mention the bra thing on my blog tomorrow.
Ciao for now,

6:48 PM  
Blogger Kt said...

Never mind the donuts - they do sound devine! its new week!
glad to hear you revived the old PC to get your pics back!
Have a great wk!

8:33 PM  
Blogger Jaykay said...

Linda, I have a full bag of bras that I no longer wear. Most were just trial bras that I have bought over the last couple of years in my quest to find the 'perfect' bra!!

Could you pls email me the address to send them to. I will feel so much better giving them to a worthy cause rather than just throwing them away when I have my next cleanout!!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Hi Linda - pleased to see you posting again. We've just back from holiday but will catch up on what you've written over the next couple of days. Take care:)

5:56 PM  

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