Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank You !

A big thank you to everyone for your welcome back comments and e-mails
- I have to be honest and say that I didn't think that anyone would
have missed me so I was very touched to see that I was missed.

Well last night was not quite the night that I had planned. I didn't
get to walk but I did manage to go shopping so that I have lots of
point friendly snacks to bring with me to work. I thought that was
more important as the snack machine and Coles over the road have been
supplying my mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks and I knew that I had
to stop those if I was to have any hope of losing these dreaded kilos
I have put on. Plus, I have to say that the weather was just
atrocious last night with dreadful winds blowing. Now I know that I
wouldn't have got blown away (not with these extra kilos I am carrying
anyway) but having been awake since 2am wondering if our roof was
going to blow off due to the renovations we are in the middle of doing
I felt I had every right to flop onto the bean bag after dinner and
wait for work time to come around.

While at work last night I was thinking about Oprah and her yo-yo
dieting and it got me to wonder how I would do if I had a personal
chef and a personal trainer working with me – every day and every
meal. Would I still do the secret eating thing if I knew that someone
was preparing me point friendly meals and snacks each day ? I do know
that if I had a PT kicking my butt and encouraging me along the way I
would be more inclined to exercise because I am, at heart, a lazy
person who would really prefer to sit and read a book than go out and

I have my pilates class tonight but if I get home from work in time I
am going to walk / jog there so that will be a bit of exercise for the
day. Then I really need to get my act together to have something to
do most days after work. I guess part of me doesn't really want to
get into any exercise regime as such because I know that in a couple
of weeks time it is all going to go to pot when Al is in hospital and
I am trying to see him, work, get K organised for school as well as
getting her up to Brisbane to see her Dad. Actually, I think that is
also part of why I have let things slide as far as they have – no
excuse, I know, but a fact none the less. I felt as though I would be
wasting my time trying to get back on track and worry about what I am
putting in my mouth when I knew that for the first couple of weeks
after his operation, it is just going to be really difficult for me to
hold it all together. I think that this week I have realised that,
while it may turn to sh*t in a few weeks time, that doesn't stop me
from doing what I can between now and then to try to minimise any
additional gains.

It is really strange but all the weight I have put in on is all
between my waist and my thighs – I wish it would spread itself out a
little bit more evenly over the rest of my body.

TFTD : A friend is one who walks in when others walk out

TIAGF : Our roof not blowing off the house


Blogger Julie's journey said...

So glad you are back. Have missed you.
Still have to read your previous blogs to catch up. As I said to Leighanne, it is all routine. Once you get into one it just seems to roll on by itself. Does any of this makes sense. Just excited your back.
Have a good week

11:07 AM  

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