Thursday, October 12, 2006

YAY - I did it !!!

Yes – I did it – I went walking last night. I thought that I was
going to get an early start to the evening but after school sport and
some other issues, I only got home at 5.50pm. I walked inside and
thought "I really can't be bothered going for a walk" but then a few
minutes later I remembered that I would have to come here and say "I
didn't walk last night" and I knew that I had to just get changed and
get out there. It was only for 35 minutes but I did it – I got
changed and I went walking. This is one of the reasons why blogging
works for me – it is the accountability that makes the difference. I
have to say that my shins are a little sore today but I suppose that
is to be expected when you start exercising after not doing anything
for so long.

M, I saw your comment last night re the recycling and I just cracked
up all over again !!! There were quite a few times last night at work
that I looked at my rubbish trolley (with the flattened boxes in them)
and either had a chuckle or smiled to myself – please thank M again
from me !!!!!!

I did manage to get onto the internet from home last night and saw
that the formatting on my blog isn't quite right but I'm not sure how
I can change that with posting via e-mail. If anything looks really
awful, please would you drop me a mail as I don't normally go onto my
blog to look at it.

My food today has been good except I did have a Tim Tam this morning –
maybe I should have said no thank you but I felt that if I am getting
my knickers in a knot over having one Tim Tam, life really isn't worth
much. I am trying to take the 'it is all about moderation' stance and
figure that one Tim Tam falls into that category. I was very pleased
with myself because the 1 didn't turn into 2, 3 or 4 which it could
quite easily have done (and probably would have done last week).

I have to keep reminding myself that this is going to take some time
but that I will get there in the end. I was very pleased to see a
downward movement in the scales yesterday morning – given that they
haven't moved anywhere for the past two weeks, I can now see that the
small changes I have been making must be making a difference.

Will let you know tomorrow how the rest of today went – take care,
look after yourselves and be good !

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